A Look at the Guinness World Records of Doughnuts In Celebration of National Doughnut Day

A variety of world records have been set with doughnuts, including several speed eating records. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

While most of us celebrate National Doughnut Day by stuffing our faces with a doughnut or two (OK, three), some people take it to the real extreme. And when they do, the Guinness World Records folks are there to award them for going all out.

Highest Stack of Doughnuts

In 2007, employees of 20th Century Fox and Capital Radio came together to build the world's tallest stack of doughnuts in honor of The Simpsons Movie. The stack was 43.5 inches high and shaped like a pyramid. It took 1,764 doughnuts to build.

Tallest stack
The tallest stack of doughnuts was built in 2007. Courtesy of Guinness World Records

Biggest Box of Doughnuts

The Kuwait Food Co. reproduced a copy of a Krispy Kreme doughnut box in 2009. Their final product was an oversized box that weighed 297 pounds and 10 ounces.

Donut Box
The world's largest doughnut box weighed almost 300 pounds. Courtesy of Guinness World Records

Longest Line of Doughnuts

Last year, a line of doughnuts 1,841 feet and 10 inches long was built in Berlin during the 30th anniversary of the Friedrichstadt-Palast building.

Longest line of doughnuts
The longest line of doughnuts was about a third of a mile long. Courtesy of Guinness World Records

Largest Doughnut Mosaic

Ukrainians took it upon themselves to create the world's largest doughnut mosaic in 2012 at the Lviv Pampykh Festival. The mosaic used 7,040 doughnuts. After it was built, the doughnuts were distributed (and eaten) by those who attended the record-setting event.

Donut Mosaic
Over 7,000 donuts were used on this masterpiece. Courtesy of Guinness World Records

Most Doughnuts Eaten in Three Minutes

There are two world records for this feat: jam doughnut eating and powdered doughnut eating. For jam doughnuts, the record is held by Lup Fun Yau and Steve McHugh, both set in the United Kingdom. McHugh first set the record of eating six jam doughnuts covered in sugar in 2002 and Fun Yau tied it in 2007. In 2012, America's Patrick Bertoletti ate three jam doughnuts in one minute without licking his lips. The lip licking seems to be key here.

As for powdered doughnuts, the record was set by Shamus Petherick of Australia in 2010. He ate six doughnuts.

Largest Serving of Doughnuts

In 2013, chefs in Kazakhstan made the largest serving of doughnuts: a total 1,470 pounds and 7.68 ounces.

Largest serving
The largest serving of doughnuts weighed in at over 1,470 pounds. Courtesy of Guinness World Records

Record Speed for Eating a Doughnut With No Hands

Philip Joseph Santoro set a record in 2014 by eating a jam doughnut in 11.41 seconds with no hands and without licking his lips.

Happy National Doughnut Day to all, and to all a carb overload.