Amazon's 'Lore' Sneak Peak at NY Comic Con: The Terrifying True Story of a Demon Doll

The people who brought The Walking Dead and The X-Files to TV have cooked up something even scarier for Amazon Prime: the true and disturbing stories of the popular podcast, Lore.

Amazon's upcoming six-episode series combines scripted scenes, archival footage and animation to bring historical horror stories to the streaming service. The series is adapted from Aaron Mahnke's podcast of the same name, a weekly show in which Mahnke explores a disturbing true story. 

Executive producers Gale Anne Hurd (also EP of The Walking Dead) and Mahnke debuted an exclusive sneak peak Thursday from the second episode, "Unboxed," at a New York Comic Con show panel. "Unboxed" tells the true story of Robert Gene Otto, a young boy who was given a doll in 1906 that he named after himself. Robert the Doll later earned the title "most haunted doll in history" and went on to inspire Chucky in the 1988 film Child's Play

10_05_comiccon_04 New York Comic Con 2017 at Javits Center on October 5, 2017 in New York City. Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

True Blood's Kristin Bauer van Straten, who also attended the panel, plays Robert's mother. She confessed that she was shocked to find out the story of Robert the Doll was true. "I was like, 'Holy Moly!'" she said. 

The clip also dives into the history of ventriloquism, and society's uncanny relationship with dummies and dolls. Otto's parents often heard him talking to the doll, and the doll "answering" back. Neighbors of the family claimed they saw Robert the Doll moving from window to window when the family wasn't home.  

Also attending the panel was actor Robert Patrick (Terminator 2, The X-Files, Scorpion) and actress Holland Roden (Teen Wolf) who will star in episode 5 as Bridget Clearly, an Irish woman killed by her husband in 1895 after he insisted she was abucted by fairies. Roden said she was particularly excited about the costuming in her episode. "I've never played 19th century before, so I was very excited about the idea of a corset," she said. 

When asked by a fan how he chose which podcast episodes to feature on the Amazon series, Mahnke said he picked the "hardcore favorite" episodes from the podcast's first season. "We wanted the horror archetypes that people feel comfortable with, like haunted dolls. We're building the foundation to get to the more complex stories."

To which Walking Dead EP Gale Anne Hurd added dryly, "And we were really good at resisting zombies."

Lore will premiere all six episodes on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, October 13.