Ridiculously Lucky Man Wins $100,000 Lottery for the Second Time: "Oh Baby, I Can't Believe I Did it Again"

A Connecticut man just won a $100,000 lottery, barely a year after winning the same jackpot.

Bruce Rosa won the top prize in the Connecticut Cash5 on July 5. He previously won $100,000 prize in the same lottery on April 27, 2018.

"Oh baby, I can't believe I did it again," Rosa said, according to a press release from the Connecticut Lottery. Of the 4,000 winning tickets this week, Rosa's was the only one with all five numbers matching.

bruce rosa lottery twice
Bruce Rosa picked up his winning check on Monday, 14 months after winning the $100,000 jackpot the first time in 2018. Connecticut Lottery

The Stamford resident says he used a method to pick his second set of winning numbers: After Rosa's first win last year, his father-in-law told him to play the same numbers from the last ticket—but one digit lower.

Not everything went exactly as planned, though: "I messed up the fourth number [23], because I didn't have my glasses on," Rosa told the lottery, "and decided to play the last number the same as before."

The winning ticket that earned him his second $100,000 ended up reading, 4-16-17-23-33. But Rosa didn't check his ticket right away when the numbers were drawn.

"The winning numbers looked familiar, but I was too lazy to get out of bed to check my ticket," he admits. Instead, he found out he won the next morning.

Two of Rosa's close friends and his son-in-law accompanied him to receive the check on Monday. The group all went out to a celebratory lunch afterward.

The odds of winning any lottery once, let a lone twice, depend on the complexity of the lottery. The odds of winning a single Powerball, for example, are one in 11.7 million.

In June, a man in southeast France won the "My Million" lottery twice, just 18 months apart: The unnamed man first won 1 million Euros ($1.12 million) in November 2016, then struck gold again in May 2018.

Professor Louise Ryan from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers told ABC News in Australia that the odds of winning the My Million lottery in any given week once was one in 19 million. If the French winner had been playing weekly for five years, Ryan said, the chances of winning twice— just 18 months apart—is one in 1,473,489,000,000.

The chance that he'd win twice in a lifetime—again, only 18 months apart—would be about one in 139,670,929,703 (presuming 50 years of playing weekly).

Lottery players have come up with all sorts of unusual methods to pick their numbers: On June 25, a Michigan man won more than $300,000 thanks to numbers he got from a fortune cookie.

"I've been playing these numbers for a long time," the winner, who asked to remain anonymous, said. "I don't remember when I got that fortune cookie, but I do remember thinking the numbers looked lucky, so I went with it."

Remarkably, he's not even the only person to win with fortune cookie numbers.

Earlier in June, a retired North Carolina man also won more than $300,000 after using a fortune cookie his daughter brought home from a Vietnamese restaurant.