Louis C.K. Grammy Award Win Infuriates Twitter: 'Everyone Hates Women'

Louis C.K.'s latest win at the 2022 Grammy Awards has been met with a furious backlash online.

After he won the Best Comedy Album award at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, many people on Twitter pointed out his past sexual misconduct offenses which came to light in 2017. He's since made a comeback and his stand-up comedy film Sincerely Louis C.K., which was filmed in 2019, has now earned him his third Grammy.

Thousands of people tweeted about the comedian after he won the award, many criticized the music academy for recognizing C.K. while others compared the situation Will Smith winning an Oscar after he slapped Chris Rock.

Reaction to Louis C.K.'s Grammy win

Comedian C.K. started trending after it was revealed he'd won another Grammy Award.

Political Strategist Atima Omara said on her Twitter account, "Amazing. Louis CK serially abused women but gets to keep his career and even get a Grammy."

Journalist Moira Donegan expressed her concern for the well-being of C.K's victims and for their careers. She commented, "I wonder if the careers of the women comedians Louis CK forced to watch him masturbate—who were allegedly threatened by CK's manager—have recovered from the stigma of coming forward. Louis CK's own career seems to have bounced back very well."

"Everyone hates women," was the takeaway for TV writer Jen Kirkman. She admitted that she'd spent the weekend in an anxious mental health place getting harassed by hundreds of male Louis C.K. fans on social media, and his latest win increased her pain.

C.K. winning a prestigious award was compared by many to Will Smith winning an Oscar moments after he's slapped Chris Rock. The reaction and fallout to that moment was compared to the reaction to C.K.'s return to the industry.

USA Today editor Barbara VanDenburgh shared her prediction that Will Smith will be made to suffer more than C.K. did. Meanwhile writer Mey Rude posed a hypothetical by asking, "How come Louis ck didn't have to step down from the recording academy when he showed his d*** to a bunch of women without consent." Answering her own question, she followed the tweet up with, "I mean the answer is he's white, right?"

According to journalist David M. Perry, C.K.'s career should have been over after the incidents of sexual misconduct came to light, but instead, "Louis CK, who masturbated in front of women without consent, then derailed careers, just won best comedy album at the #grammys." In a Twitter thread, Perry accused anyone who continues to participate in the Grammys is "complicit in normalizing sexual abuse."

Self-proclaimed "ex-fan" of C.K., @iron_eliza questioned what punishment the comedian got. "I am really, REALLY not okay with whoever decided to UN-cancel Louis CK. No. Not ever." She continued, "Did he serve time? Did he go back in time to fix the careers of women he blacklisted from the industry for attempting to speak out about his sexual abuse? NO."

Creator of the TV shows Roswell, New Mexico, Carina Adly MacKenzie pointed out that C.K.'s win proved that cancel culture isn't as dangerous as some would have you believe.

C.K. won the Best Comedy Album at the Grammys in a category that also contained Kevin Hart, Chelsea Handler, Lewis Black, Lavell Crawford and Nate Bargatze.

Louis CK Grammys
Louis C.K. has won the Best Comedy Album award at the 2022 Grammys. Steve Granitz / Patrick T. Fallon/WireImage