'Love Island U.K.' Week 1 Recap: Bombshells, Recouplings and Connections

Love Island U.K. always kicks off with a coupling, some challenges and, soon after, a surprise for the islanders. The surprises came pretty quickly in the first week, with new girls and boys to spice things up.

For what happens on Day 1, head to our Love Island recap here.

Read on for spoilers for the rest of the first week of Love Island U.K.

Love Island U.K. Week 1

Chloe Arrives in the Villa

Chloe in Love Island
Chloe in "Love Island." Chloe arrived as a bombshell on the first day. ITV

Here comes the big twist everyone has been waiting for. Yes, you guessed it, a bombshell has entered the villa.

Chloe Burrows, a financial services marketing executive, has sent the boys a voice note, tasking them with sending someone to go on a date with her.

Putting on the front of a collective unit (we see through you!) the boys go to meet Chloe as a group. It's a fight for who is the alpha male in the group, with nobody coming out on top.

Chloe, who seems just lovely, is judged instantly by the rest of the girls, and Faye is not happy especially when she spots Brad looking in Chloe's direction—the claws are out, and Faye's about to bring some much-needed drama.

Before the second episode ends, Chloe is tasked with coupling up with one of the boys, which means one girl will be left single. Not that the girls are complaining, it's safe to say these Islanders have nothing in common with each other.

Shannon Is Dumped

Shannon is dumped on Love Island UK
Shannon is dumped on "Love Island U.K." ITV

Ok, so by Episode 2 things have finally gotten interesting. Scottish contestant Shannon Singh is the first dumpee from the villa.

The dumping—the quickest dumping in Love Island history—came after Chloe decided to couple up with Aaron, leaving Shannon single.

Instead of bringing in some male bombshells to make things semi-interesting from the get-go, the producers decided to make the wild decision to dump Shannon from the island entirely.

The poor girl spent less than 48 hours in the Love Island villa, and she obviously didn't have any time whatsoever to make a friend let alone any meaningful relationship with anyone... It all seems a little unfair.

Still, we all hope and pray Boohoo, Missguided or PrettyLittleThing will be sliding into her DMs soon for that sweet collab.

Faye and Brad Clash

Finally, our first argument of the series. This is what Love Island is really about.

The fight surrounds Faye and Brad (I told you Faye was here to bring it!) following a game of dares and beer pong.

Brad was dared to kiss the girl he found most attractive in the villa and then the girl he fancied the least.

The bold Brad made a beeline for new-girl Chloe, making out with her in front of his fellow Islanders and Faye, the girl he was coupled with.

As if things couldn't get any more awkward, Brad had the audacity to turn to Faye and kissed her, marking her as the girl he fancied the least.

Make no mistake, Faye's anger is totally justified here and her confrontation with Brad made for some great television. Welcome, Maura 2.0. Stand-out insults include:

"You're f****** alright to look like but your f****** personality stinks. And it's only towards me" and "If he now feels some masculinity behind it and he thinks his c*** has grown half an inch... cool, have fun with that half an inch."

And just like that, Faye and Brad were over.

Liam and Chuggs Arrive in the Villa

Chuggs and Liam in Love Island UK
Chuggs and Liam arrive and go on dates in "Love Island U.K." Getty Images

The girls had their moment of fear when Chloe arrived in the villa, and truly put the cat amongst the pigeons as half the boys professed to have a love of skinny blondes— surprise, surprise.

Now, the boys were the ones to fear when bricklayer Liam and hat boutique owner Chuggs invited Faye and Sharon on dates.

Sharon and Chuggs' banter was lacking a great deal, which was sadly the way for Chuggs throughout the next day, as his graft lacked the oomph of his cohorts like Brad or Aaron.

Seeing Faye was pretty smitten with the Welsh dragon, Brad gave all his might to grafting Chloe, despite the fact his conversation was pretty much focused on his rowdy mates and cooking for his Nan.

Aaron seemed keen to secure Sharon given it was clear he and Chloe were going nowhere, Faye particularly liked what she saw, so much that she kicked her connection with Hugo to the curb (can Hugo ever catch a break?) and focused all her attention on the Welshman.

Chuggs, on the other hand, tried his hand at coupling with a few women, but most of them had settled in with other guys in the days beforehand.

It's a shame as Chuggs had the gentlemanly vibes many of the girls claimed to be after, but his grafting lacked some oomph compared to the effort Brad gave to Chloe, and Aaron to Sharon.

The First Recoupling

Love Island recoupling
The first "Love Island U.K." recoupling ITV

This time, the women had control in choosing their men, and there were a few surprises.

One surprise was that, despite their clear connection, Faye did not opt for Hugo, instead going after the villa's new boy Liam.

The biggest surprise occurred as, despite the girls regularly naming him the hottest man in the villa, Brad's scintillating conversation could not win Chloe over in the end, and she entered a friendship couple with Hugo.

All the more boring couples stayed together, like Jake and Liberty, Kaz and Toby, while Sharon opted to give her tonsil-tickling connection with Aaron a shot.

As a result, there were two lads without a partner, begging to not end up like poor Shannon and getting a very swift exit from the villa.

While he may have been surprised, Chloe opting for a guy that doesn't wax lyrical about himself for hours on end came as no surprise, and it's nice to see someone give Hugo a proper chance.

He is likely going to end up like the Dr. Alex figure—always the bridesmaid, never the bride—but hopefully there'll be someone new to sweep him off his feet.

As a result, Chuggs and Brad were left out in the cold.

Rachel Arrives in the Villa

Rachel from Love Island
Rachel Finni arrives in Love Island ITV

Rachel Finni, a luxury travel agent from North London, gave the boys a little bit of hope when she walked in the door. Her final decision of either Chuggs or Brad will keep one in the villa and send the other home.

Despite both guys telling all the blondes in the villa how they are "a bit of me," Brad and Chuggs' type on paper seemed to immediately switch to whoever was walking through the door.

Sadly for Rachel, the two guys get grafting without much intention of actually wanting more than friendship with her, but surely she's seen this show enough to know the score?

As the next day progresses, Rachel does not seem to fully understand the concept of the show as the two boys tell her how perfect she is, which has nothing to do with her being the only thing standing in their way of a flight back to the U.K.

Shaken Not Stirred

James Bond Love Island challenge
The "Love Island" James Bond challenge ITV

The James Bond Challenge sees the girls getting slimed and the lads do a sexy striptease with the Bond outfits.

Of course, their 007 jockstraps had the girls giggling with excitement, though Jake having a little slip in the slime somehow managed to break the mystique.

Rachel was slimed more than at the Kid's Choice Awards as both Brad and Chuggs got to try their hand at saving her, as well as making her a martini on a vibrating board—how romantic.

But the question is whether either of the boys managed to stir Rachel's affections as she prepares to announce her choice.

Love Island U.K. continues Monday to Friday and on Sundays on Hulu