Love! Valor! And Hair Gel!

1. Happiness (dir: Todd Solondz) This deeply disquieting suburban comedy was the love-it or hate-it movie of the year. I loved it.

2. Saving Private Ryan (Steven Spielberg) The hell and heroism of war: shattering.

3. Out of Sight (Steven Soderbergh) A great cast in a sly, sexy Elmore Leonard delight.

4. The Celebration (Thomas Vinterberg) A Danish birthday party from Hell.

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5. Shakespeare in Love (John Madden) The Bard and his muse set off dazzling romantic sparks.

6. Affliction (Paul Schrader) Nick Nolte implodes brilliantly.

7. Babe: Pig in the City (George Miller) Wondrous--it didn't deserve to die.

8. Love and Death on Long Island (Richard Kwietniowski) A pop ""Death in Venice.''

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9. Living Out Loud (Richard LaGravenese) Holly Hunter is reborn in a surprising sleeper.

10. Rushmore (Wes Anderson) One very odd schoolboy. One totally original comedy.

11. Primary Colors (Mike Nichols) A funny-sad look at our tarnished leader.

12. The Butcher Boy (Neil Jordan) A raucously unnerving journey inside an Irish boy's murderous mindscape.

13. Gods and Monsters (Bill Condon) Ian McKellan illuminates the soul of a dying director.

14. The Truman Show (Peter Weir) A resonant fable for our media-drenched times.

15. There's Something About Mary (Peter and Bobby Farrelly) Because nothing made me laugh so damn hard.

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