Lubbock Democrats Blasted for ‘Childish Crop Job’ that Cuts Melania out of Presidents Photo

Democratic Party members in Lubbock, Texas, have apologized for posting the photo of four previous U.S. presidents and their wives together at Barbara Bush’s funeral with Melania Trump cropped out.

The original photograph, featuring Laura Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, George Bush Sr. and the current First Lady, went viral after it was taken at the funeral of Barbra Bush in Houston, Texas, on April 21.

The Lubbock County Democratic Party Headquarters also uploaded a version of the photo, but the image they used was edited so that Melania Trump was not in it.

After the photo was posted onto Facebook on Sunday (April 23), users condemned the group for what they described as a “childish crop job” reports the New York Post.

“We all know you did this on purpose,” another commenter added. “Extremely pathetic.”

Following the outcry, Leo Flores, Vice Chair of the Lubbock County Democratic Party Headquarters, told KCBD-TV omitting the First Lady was an “honest mistake.”

Flores added he decided to leave the picture up after realizing his mistake as more than 30 people had already commented on it. He then said he was too busy to edit the post to modify the error.

The original post was eventually removed, with the group adding the original photo to Facebook with the First Lady and a new caption apologizing for the original picture.

“I apologize for the confusion,” the post reads. “There were two pictures posted side by side and I must have grabbed the wrong one. Melania was not purposely excluded nor was this meant to be a controversial post. I meant to change it but became busy. Once again, I apologize. ”

President Donald Trump confirmed he would not be attending the funeral in order to “avoid disruptions due to added security, and out of respect for the Bush family.”

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