Does Lucifer Disappear in Season 6?

Lucifer season 6 is streaming on Netflix now, and sadly Lucifer Morningstar's (played by Tom Ellis) story has come to an end.

The final series sees Lucifer reach an epiphany regarding his true calling in life, but before that moment comes, there is a whole load of panic that Lucifer Morningstar will just disappear.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about Lucifer's fate in season six.

Warning: This article contains spoilers

Does Lucifer Disappear in Season 6?

There is some bittersweet news for Lucifer fans. Sadly, Lucifer Morningstar does disappear, but it is not as straightforward as it sounds.

In episode 2 of Lucifer season 6, his daughter from the future the half angel, half human Rory arrived on Earth intending to kill Lucifer Morningstar.

She's angry and full of teenage angst, coupled with abandonment issues. It turns out Lucifer on August 4 abandoned Chloe (Lauren German) when she was pregnant with Rory, leaving Rory growing up without a father and Chloe raising her and Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) alone.

Lucifer insisted he would never deliberately just disappear and spends the majority of the final season trying to figure out who, what, where, when and why he allegedly disappears.

He and Chloe rule out his death as being the cause and they exclude Lucifer becoming God after Lucifer rejects the position entirely in favor of his brother Amenadiel (DB Woodside).

Despite their close bond, Rory remained furious that her father abandoned her up until the very end of the series, when the real reason Lucifer disappears is revealed.

Why Does Lucifer Disappear in Season 6?

Rory was kidnapped by Dan's (Kevin Alejandro) killer Vincent Le Mec (Rob Benedict) in the early hours of August 5, the day after Lucifer was supposed to disappear.

Le Mec kidnapped Rory knowing Lucifer would immediately come to her rescue and he planned to kill Lucifer as he believed the cause for his suffering on Earth was due to the devil being hard at work.

In what looked sure to be Lucifer's final moments, Lucifer explained to Le Mec, it was not him torturing Le Mec, it was Le Mec's own guilt for killing Dan that haunted him.

Just as Lucifer was set to be decapitated, Rory was able to break free from her chains and stop Le Mec. Holding her hands around his neck and her devil face emerging, Lucifer was able to talk Rory down from killing him, begging her to stop and not make the same mistakes he did.

Le Mec was eventually killed after Chloe shot him down, causing him to stumble backwards and be impaled by the weapons he had made out of Rory's wings.

It was in saving Rory and Chloe that Lucifer's disappearance was triggered. As Le Mec lay dying, he revealed Dan had made it to Heaven, begging Lucifer to "let him see the light" just as Dan did. This was the first time Lucifer and Chloe learned Dan had made it to Heaven and both were left questioning how.

With Rory's help, Lucifer realized Dan made it to Heaven because he had finally dealt with all of his guilt after Lucifer encouraged Dan to visit his daughter Trixie and ask her for forgiveness. He also helped Rory from feeling overwhelming guilt by stopping her from killing Le Mec. Earlier in the season, he helped murderer Jimmy Barnes (John Pankow) seek forgiveness in hell.

Helping People to See the Light

Rory and Chloe recognized Lucifer's true purpose was to help people break their hell-loops. He may not have the power to send them to Heaven, but he holds the power to help them see the light.

"Hell doesn't need a ruler, it needs a healer," Lucifer realized, setting off Rory's return to the future. As she disappeared into thin air, she begged her father to give her his word that he "won't change anything", meaning Lucifer will still "disappear" and leave Earth behind to allow Rory to exist in the form she does in the future.

In the final scene of Lucifer, Rory has returned to the the future and is sitting beside Chloe who is lying on her deathbed. When Chloe made it to heaven, Amenadiel flew her down to hell where she is reunited with Lucifer.

"Hello Detective," Lucifer says as he opens the door to a replica of Dr. Linda Martin's (Rachael Harris) office in Hell.

"I thought you could use a partner," Chloe responded, with tears in her eyes.

The pair embrace, ready to spend eternity together, happily ever after.

In the end, Lucifer does indeed disappear, but thankfully everything worked out in the end.

Lucifer seasons 4 to 6 are streaming on Netflix and seasons 1 to 3 are available via Amazon Prime Video.

does lucifer disappear in season 6
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