New 'Luke Cage' Clip Is the Daughters of the Dragon Tease We've Been Waiting For

Last time we saw Misty Knight and Colleen Wing together was in a hospital room after Misty lost her arm in The Defenders. Now, they are slaying some prick at a bar in the new Luke Cage Season 2 clip. Check it out.

In the new footage, Colleen and Misty are catching up over a drink when a man recognizes Misty as the police officer who sent his brother to prison. Misty turns to Collen, "You know that's the second time somebody's called me a bitch today, and it's gonna be the last."

When the man continues harassing her because she doesn't remember the incident, Misty gets sassy. It's almost like she's looking for a fight. "Ohh you got a mouth on you girl, I'm gonna stick something in it," the man says. That's when Misty gets up and backhands him, but the man catches her off guard on the next hit. Misty turns to Collen, who continues to sip her drink and watch. After that subtle bit of reassurance that her disability doesn't make her weak, Misty proceeds to stand up and beat them all up. Colleen eventually joins in on the fight ... and it's awesome.

Colleen Wing is one of two crossover characters in Luke Cage Season 2. Iron Fist is also set to appear sometime in the season. This is incredibly exciting for Marvel comic book fans, as the new season of Luke Cage appears to be setting up two fan-favorite teams: Daughters of the Dragon and Heroes for Hire.

While it seems unlikely either team-up will form in any official capacity during the season, it certainly sets up a bright future for fans looking to see more of Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, and Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Are you excited for Luke Cage Season 2? Let us know in the comments below. The series arrives on Netflix June 22.

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Then new poster for 'Luke Cage' Season 2. Marvel