Starving Dog Rescued After Eating His Own Foot to Survive

An animal shelter in South Carolina is asking for donations to help a rescued Great Dane which was so badly starved it ate one of its feet to survive.

The Noah's Arks Rescue have described the rescue of 6-year-old Luke as “one of the saddest cases we have had in a long time” after he was found tied to a metal pool at a yard in Ware Shoals.

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Officers were called to the home following a complaint from a neighbor that a dog had chewed its own foot off. According to a police report, an officer approached the fence and spotted a “very skinny black Great Dane” with an injury to its leg.

“As he got closer, I could see that over half of his leg was gone,” the officer adds, reports Fox Carolina.

Police said there was no food or water near to where Luke was. They were unable to determine how long the dog had been tied to the pole.

Noah's Ark Rescue said that despite their best efforts, Luke will now have to have his damaged leg removed.

“Keeping it any longer in hopes we can come up with a prosthetic that might work is too risky,” the shelter said in a statement on Facebook. “His infection appears to have invaded the bone, and that can cost him his life. We are not going to risk it which is why we have made this decision.

“He is strong enough to survive the surgery to remove the leg but not strong enough to withstand the infection if it continues up his leg.”

The shelter said Luke still has a number of medical issues following his rescue. “He looks like a dog that is not going to live past the end of the day. His eyes are sunken into the back of his eye socket. His nasal cavity and eyes are infected and drain constantly.

“I have seen a lot of sick dogs but what has happened to Luke is beyond inhumane,” a spokesperson for the shelter said.

The shelter reported Luke's intestinal biopsy revealed he does not have any cancers as initially feared as his internal problems stem from him being starved. They are currently monitoring his food intake to prevent Refeeding Syndrome.

The shelter has set up a donations page to raise funds for Luke so he can “get everything he needs to survive the horrible nightmare he had to endure.”

The animal's owners, Jessica James, 32, and Skylar Craft, 38, who had named the dog Lucifer, have been charged ill treatment of animals, reports Fox Carolina.

luke dog chewed foot
Two people have been charged with animal cruelty offenses after Luke the Great Dane was rescued from a home in South Carolina. Facebook/Noah's Arks Rescue