Lula Laying on the White Guilt

We learned this morning that Brazil's President Luiz Inacio da Silva has blamed the entirety of the world's financial woes on a bunch of "white, blue-eyed" bankers. "This crisis was caused by no black man or woman or by no indigenous person or by no poor person," he said, standing right next to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and promising to make the fast-approaching G20 conference "spicy."

Say whaaaat?! Yes, a certain glitzy street in lower Manhattan has a whole lot of explaining to do for itself these days. And, absolutely, the world's poor are bearing a disproportionate burden of the hardships, what with evictions on the rise and aid and investment clamming up. What's more, we get that Brazil and its fellow BRIC pals have a lot to gain from making extra noise at this G20 summit--Lula himself told us as much in an interview with Fareed Zakaria last week.

But for the record, we humbly beg to differ with his characterization of the guilty parties. For evidence, we offer the handiwork of the indefatigable Kathy Jones, who put together a photo gallery of the banks' biggest bad guys. For starters, Stan O'Neal sure ain't white. And Angelo Mozilo is unmistakably orange.