Mourning Cat Breaks Hearts Sitting by Sibling's Urn Daily: 'Making Me Cry'

A cat owner has gone viral online after sharing heart-wrenching footage of her pet's reaction to her other cat's death.

According to the owner, known as @lunaloveslouis, Luna sits by the urn of late cat Louis and stares at his painting on a daily basis. Using the ABBA song "Angel Eyes," the owner jumped on a popular TikTok trend of posting clips about the people and animals you miss.

For Luna, that's Louis, her feline sibling who passed away eight months ago. As shown by a montage in the viral video, which now has 600,000 views, the pair of Ragdoll cats did everything together: lounging together, sleeping and posing for pictures. The final picture, however, shows Luna left with just a painting of Louis.

"When we first brought Louis home in January 2021, Luna didn't exactly welcome Louis with open arms as she was our first cat when she joined our family in September 2020, so naturally, she was threatened by his presence. However, after a few days, the two of them became inseparable and grew to have a very loving relationship which is demonstrated across the hundreds of TikTok videos and livestreams I've posted over the past 18 months," their owner Nicholas Mohl told Newsweek.

"Everyday the two of them would be sleeping next to one another, eating at the same time, chasing one another around our apartment/home for playtime, and grooming each other to demonstrate their love. From my perspective, Louis eventually grew to not only become Luna's best friend, but her soul mate."

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, cats do mourn and show different behavior when they lose a companion, whether it be human or animal.

"When a cat loses a companion, she most certainly grieves and reacts to the changes in her life. Cats alter their behavior when they mourn much like people do. They may become depressed and listless, they may have a decreased appetite and decline to play, they may sleep more than usual and move more slowly, sulking around, they may hide under the bed, choosing to be alone even more than usual for cats," it said.

Despite this, there remains an argument over whether the behavioral changes are due to missing the companion, like a human would, or because "her schedule is off."

"Louis passed away on October 29th due to an unknown diagnosis. Unfortunately Louis' health started to severely depreciate the week leading up to October 29th. We had visited the vet and performed multiple tests to diagnosis him that week, but unfortunately he was unable to diagnosed successfully, and he passed away while at the vet. When the news arrived of Louis crossing the rainbow bridge, I was utterly devastated, but more importantly, I was concerned on how Luna would be able to adjust without her best friend and soulmate," Mohl told Newsweek.

"The first few days for Luna was really hard as she didn't seem to understand that Louis was not coming home, and thought maybe he was on a temporary holiday. Everyday when I would wake her up to feed her, she would be constantly looking behind her to see if Louis was just behind her running down the stairs like he used to, or she would be staring outside the window to see if Louis would be returning. I could see that Luna was starting to show signs of depression that week, and me and wife needed to act urgently to ensure her mental health didn't deteriorate any further."

The owner welcomed a new cat months later, in a bid to fill the loneliness left behind in Luna's life as she was showing signs of depression.

Luna and Louis
Luna and Louis. Nicholas Mohl

"You surely are not making me cry in the afternoon," wrote one viewer.

"I woke up five minutes ago why you already make me cry," added another.

Luna's yearning for Louis has touched hearts online, who rushed to claim the latest video had left them crying.

"What really stood out to us when we first introduced Luna and Louis II was that Luna showed no signs of aggression towards the new kitten, it was as if she had known this kitten all her life. The two of them connected with each other almost instantly, and Luna no longer showed signs of depression. She fell right back into old routines of playing and grooming with Louis II, and found a new companion to for her favorite past time of watching the birds outside," said Mohl.

"Both me and wife genuinely believe that Louis II carries the spirit of Louis, as the new kitten has shown almost identical behavior and personality traits."

Update 6/22/22, 02:22 a.m. ET: The article was updated with comment and images from Nicholas Mohl.