Lyft Driver Kicks Out Passenger Onto Busy Highway in Viral Video

Lyft has suspended one of its drivers over video showing her kick out a passenger onto the side of a busy highway, before yelling at him: "F**k you and f**k your mother too."

Passenger Aaron Swetland later told local TV that there had been a sudden "change in tone, in attitude" of the driver and urged others to "be cautious of your surroundings."

In the clip, Swetland asks the driver to slow down. The driver turns to say "I'm saying I'm gonna go-," before noticing she is being filmed and attempting to grab Swetland's phone.

The driver screams at the passenger to get out of the car, to which Swetland agrees if she opens the trunk that contains his suitcase.

The driver exits the vehicle and throws Swetland's bag across the road, before yelling the abuse at him and leaving him stranded on the side of the road.

Swetland first posted the footage on TikTok on Wednesday before it was shared on Twitter. It has since been watched more than 160,000 times.

The clip, which can be seen below and here, ends with him turning the camera to his face and saying "That just happened to me."

Swetland later said the driver informed him that she was keeping the windows open in order to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines. Lyft's website recommends that driver's turn off recirculated air and keep windows down when possible to protect themselves and others.

The Lyft had picked Swetland up from Nashville International Airport, Tennessee.


When the Lyft driver doesn’t want to roll up the windows while driving 80. #lyft #lyftdriver #wsmvnashville #newschannel5

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Speaking to WTVF, Swetland said he asked the driver to roll up her back windows because of the pressure on his ears while being driven back

"So I attempt to raise the window on the door and she has it locked out," said Swetland.

"First tip that something is kind of whack for me was like 'wait, you've taken control away from me to be able to do that?' That seemed kind of odd."

"So then I ask her if she doesn't mind to just reduce her speed—maybe that would be more pleasant for me if we're going to have to keep the windows down," Swetland added.

Swetland said he was scared when the driver tried to reach for his phone.

He added that there was a "brief moment," after she threw his bag out of the vehicle and then returned to the trunk, when he thought she may also have a weapon.

"This really can happen to anybody and you really kind of have to be cautious of your surroundings and just be aware. In this particular instance, for me, it was a change in tone, in attitude. She was very aggressive for no reason at all," said Swetland. "Just be safe and watch out for yourself; nobody else is doing it so you gotta do it for yourself."

Newsweek has contacted Swetland for further comment.

In a statement, Lyft said: "Safety is fundamental to Lyft, and the incident shown in the video is concerning. We have reached out to the rider to offer our support and have suspended the driver's account pending a complete investigation."

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Close-up of side window of a car used for the ridesharing service Lyft, with Lyft logo visible on window, reflection of palm tree in window, San Ramon, California, March 7, 2018. A video has emerged showing a Lyft driver yelling at a passenger and then kicking him out onto the side of a busy highway. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images