Machete-Wielding Teenagers Chase Staff After Wi-Fi Password Is Changed

A couple of teenagers in Indonesia have been arrested after allegedly chasing people who worked at a mosque in East Medan while carrying at least one weapon resembling a machete, the Indonesian media site Detikcom reported Sunday.

The teenagers, who have not been publicly identified, were allegedly frustrated with mosque staff members because the mosque's Wi-Fi password had been changed, law enforcement officials told the website.

Video from inside the mosque that was captured shortly before 11 p.m. local time on December 24 was obtained and shared on Instagram by user @tkpmedan. The user's post identified the mosque as Al Muslim Mosque in Medan City.

East Medan Indonesia mosque WIFI password
Two teenagers were arrested in East Medan after allegedly chasing staff members at a mosque with a machete after a Wi-Fi password was changed. Above, Muslims gather in 2016 to pray outside a busy mosque to mark the Eid al-Fitr in Medan, Indonesia. KHARISMA TARIGAN/AFP via Getty Images

The video clip, which is less than one minute in length, was posted online shortly after the incident occurred. It gained more than 150 likes in the two days immediately following its appearance on the user's Instagram feed.

The Instagram user's post alleged that two of the young men seen in the video were upset when the mosque's Wi-Fi password was changed. In the video, the two individuals can be seen walking down a hallway inside the mosque. At least one of them can be seen holding a weapon that looks like a machete.

The individual holding the weapon can be seen in the video briefly disappearing from view after taking a left turn off the hallway. Shortly thereafter, three other individuals who were not seen at the start of the video clip can be seen running from the direction in which the individual with the weapon had just headed. That first individual then reappears, with the weapon still in hand, and can be seen walking alongside the second individual from the beginning of the video. The two follow the group that just fled down the hallway at a walk.

The individuals within the group that ran away were identified as guards at the mosque, according to Detikcom.

Kompol Rona Tambunan, the head of East Medan's police unit, told Detikcom and Indonesia's television network Kompas TV that two individuals were arrested in connection with the incident. Rona also confirmed the details surrounding the incident with both outlets, saying the two who were arrested had allegedly chased mosque officials because they were upset that the mosque's Wi-Fi password had been changed.

Rona did not identify the arrested individuals beyond their initials, which he said were HM and I. Information regarding the ages of the arrested individuals or the people they were seen chasing in the video were not immediately available.