'Madden NFL 19' Ratings: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and More Join 99 Club

Player ratings are a critical component of how sports games accurately reflect real-world athletes and teams, especially for the Madden franchise. On Wednesday, EA Sports announced the NFL superstars who will receive the highest ratings in the upcoming game.

Seven NFL stars will get the coveted 99 rating in Madden NFL 19 , including some surprising names. All seven athletes will receive a trophy to mark their induction in the Madden 99 Club. EA Sports will continue to release more ratings as the release date nears.

Here's the full list of athletes to receive a 99 rating in Madden 19:

Tom Brady - QB New England Patriots

Many believe Brady is the greatest QB of all-time and it's hard to argue. At 40, Brady continues to play at a high level and lead the Pats to Super Bowl after Super Bowl.

Brady will enter the 2018-19 season with a diminished roster and lack of big names, but that will likely not matter much as the signal caller enters Madden 19 with maxed out stats in Awareness, Stamina, Play Action and Throw Accuracy, which he owns the best rating in the game.

Rob Gronkowski - TE New England Patriots

Gronkowski is the best tight end in the NFL and makes the New England Patriots better whenever he can play. His ratings haven't changed much since the end of last season, but Gronkowski leads all tight ends in Madden in Stiff Arm (87), Trucking (86), Catch in Traffic (97) and Release (94). He also owns a 94 Spectacular Catch rating, the highest of any tight end in Madden 19.

Aaron Rodgers - QB Green Bay Packers

Despite an injury-plagued season, Rodgers still had a great year and the folks at Madden 19 reward him with another 99 rating.

WIth a Throw Power of 97, a Throw on the Run rating of 97, Deep Throw Accuracy of 88 and a 96 Throw Under Pressure rating, it's easy to see why Rodgers was considered for the 99 Rating Club.

Von Miller - LB Denver Broncos

Super Bowl 50 MVP Miller continues to make defense look easy and comes into Madden 19 with a 99 rating. Miller had a 99 rating at the start of last season, and although the Broncos had a down year, EA Sports felt the linebacker was consistent enough to earn back his 99 status.

Luke Kuechly - LB Carolina Panthers

Coming off shoulder surgery, Panthers' linebacker Kuechly has a lot to prove to show that he can still play at a high level. The folks at Madden 19 feel he can, granting the linebacker a 99 overall rating.

Antonio Brown - WR Pittsburgh Steelers

Easily the most dynamic wideout in the NFL, Brown causes opposing defenses fits each and every week. In Madden 19, Brown will be the only wide receiver with a perfect 99 rating in both Catch and Catch in Traffic. He also has an insane 98 rating for Spectacular Catches, second amongst Madden wideouts.

Aaron Donald - DE Los Angeles Rams

The move to Los Angeles did wonders for the Rams, as their top-tier defense propelled the team to a playoff berth last season. Donald was a huge part of the Rams' success and the Madden team has rewarded him with a 99 overall rating.

Boasting a 97 Strength stat and 98 Power Move rating, Donald will be hard for any offensive lineman to cover in Madden 19.

Madden NFL 19 will release for PS4, Xbox One and PC on Aug. 10.

Do you agree with Madden's 99 rating? Who do you believe should have received the perfect rating? Let us know in the comments section below.