Madison Prewett's Dad Responds to Weber Family Disapproval and His Daughter's Kind Reaction on 'The Bachelor'

Madison Prewett's father is extremely proud of the Bachelor star after she stood up to her boyfriend's family. Prewett was Peter Weber's final choice after a dramatic season, but that doesn't mean she's welcome in the Weber family.

Her own family, though, has Prewett's back. "Proud is an understatement," Chad Prewett, Prewett's father tweeted. "I believe in you and support you always Madi Rose!"

His comment comes after Prewett was slammed by Barbara Weber, Weber's mother, during the Bachelor live finale on Tuesday night. After revealing their relationship to the world, Weber and Prewett were told by Barbara that none of his family or friends think the relationship will last. Weber's father admitted he was unsure about the potential for Prewett and Weber's relationship, given their rocky history. Fans saw Prewett eliminate herself from The Bachelor after she claimed her values didn't line up with Weber's lifestyle.

Prewett's father is the men's basketball coach at Auburn University. He met Weber during the hometown dates on The Bachelor. The tweet seemed to confirm that Chad supported Prewett's choice to date Weber, even after she became a self-eliminated runner-up during his season.

Barbara was hounded by viewers for being cruel to the new couple and standing in the way of her son's happiness. Her sour reaction to the couple came after Weber broke his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss, who was the family's favorite. Throughout the episode, Barbara even led claps for Sluss, who confidently stood up to Weber for breaking her heart.

Prewett was asked to respond to Barbara's criticism and reacted with composure and kindness. The fan-favorite contestant said that because she has love for Weber, she will always have love for his family. She then said she will never say anything bad about Weber's family.

"I came into the journey saying I was going to be unashamed of who I am and undeniably myself, and that's something I've done this entire journey," Prewett said. "I'm not a mom, so I don't know what it's like to have a son, to have kids. I have love and respect for Peter, therefore I have love and respect for Peter's family. I will never say a negative word about anything."

While standing up for herself, she told Barbara her presence on the stage is proof of her dedication to Weber.

Barbara explained where her feelings about Prewett came from. "When I went for Hannah Ann, it's because she's the one who embraced me with love. She was just so loving towards me. I just loved her," she said. "The next day we met Madison. It started on a rocky road. She had us wait three hours for her to come in. She didn't want to meet us. We had just come across the world, and we were exhausted."

Peter and Madison
Madison Prewett and Peter Weber see each other for the first time after Weber's tumultuous season of "The Bachelor." John Fleenor/ABC