Did 'Married at First Sight' Star Dave Live With Another Woman Before Amber?

It might sound like a silly question to some people, but Amber wanted to know if her new husband, Dave, had lived in his home with another woman. For the first time ever, the Season 7 Married at First Sight stars are given a monthly budget of $5,000. They can either use it toward rent or spend it however else they would like. In Dave's case, he already owns his home and would like to stay there—but there's a potential deal breaker for Amber.

"...It's important for us to start fresh and I have a few reservations about moving in here. One is, I was just wondering if you have ever lived here with a girlfriend before?" she asks in a sneak peek, which was exclusively shared with Newsweek. "You would have memories with that person and I wouldn't want that competing with what we have here and I wouldn't want to find her stuff anywhere either."

Amber explains why she didn't want to inhabit the same place as one of David's ex-girlfriends. "I'm just kinda like a jealous, territorial person by nature. I just feel like it would be really weird to know there was another woman using my sink before me and they had made dinner together and sat at the table together," she tells the Lifetime cameras. "I just don't like that. I want to feel like I'm the first person he's lived here with."

As if she weren't clear already, Dave asks: "If I had lived here with someone, you think it would be too much to get over?"

"Yeah," she says, "I wouldn't be OK with that."

Considering Dave needed to take a drink before answering, and re-asked the question Amber already proposed, it seems like one of his exes lived with him in the home.

It's not the only obstacle the two have faced. Last week they butted heads about religion. Dave considers himself a man of faith, while Amber finds religious people hypocritical.

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"Married at First Sight" star Amber told her new husband, Dave, she wouldn't want to live in his home if an ex-girlfriend of his lived there first. Lifetime

"As far as religion goes, I wasn't really raised in a religious household so it's not something that was really part of my life," she told the Lifetime cameras. "It's just hard for me personally to just choose one religion and say that this is the only way to God because I feel like they're all saying the same thing."

Dave, however, was hoping she would change her mind. "Religiously, Amber and I don't line up. I wouldn't characterize myself as very religious, but I am religious and I do have a strong faith and it's something that's important to me so we're going to have to figure it out," he said. "Maybe some of her beliefs about religion can change."

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.