#MAGAValentinesGifts Trends as Trump Supporters and Critics Alike Share Their Ideas of a Great MAGA-Themed Gift

The hashtag #MAGAValentinesGifts was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter Wednesday as critics and supporters alike of President Donald Trump shared their ideas for the perfect "Make America Great Again"-related gift for Valentine's Day.

The hashtag was started by the @HoosierMamaTags account, which offers a different hashtag game every day at 7 p.m. Eastern time. The account is run by the account @charley_ck14, who says she's a three-time winner of the Hashtag Wars segment of the now-cancelled late-night comedy show @midnight on Comedy Central.

"Love is in the air and passionate Trump Supporters want to Make VD Great Again. We know they'll buy anything, so let's play... #MAGAValentinesGifts," @HoosierMamaTags wrote, alongside a GIF of a cupid with Trump's face being hit by a flyswatter.

Love is in the air and passionate Trump Supporters want to Make VD Great Again. We know they’ll buy anything, so let’s play... #MAGAValentinesGifts

w/ me (aka @charley_ck14)
Proudly part of @HashtagRoundup pic.twitter.com/B2VHOWFV39

— HoosierMamaTags (@HoosierMamaTags) February 12, 2020

Given the framing, the majority of early tweets were anti-Trump in nature, but as the hashtag gained traction, Trump's supporters weighed in as well.

Trump supporter @RealLonestarTX suggested "Another SCOTUS Seat!" for the president. During his term, Trump has appointed two justices to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, following the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia and Brett Kavanaugh, who replaced the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kennedy's rulings leaned conservative, but was seen as a swing vote on certain issues—particularly LGBTQ rights and free speech cases.

"A Big Beautiful Wall," was put forth by the Philadelphia Young Republicans, referring to Trump's campaign promise of a border wall separating the United States and Mexico. Trump has promised to complete 450 miles of the wall by 2021. So far, a little over 100 miles of the wall have been constructed, though Trump says the wall is "going up at record speed."

Twitter user @TheRealJarJar2 was brief and to the point with their wish. "4 more years," they wrote.

Some supporters took the opportunity to offer suggestions that weren't political in nature. Twitter user @magamania2018 posted a photoshopped picture of a woman from an anime wearing a white "Make America Great Again" baseball cap, with the caption: "Something to make your MAGA girl make this face #MAGAValentinesGifts."

Something to make your MAGA girl make this face #MAGAValentinesGifts pic.twitter.com/6LSCpLkfM9

— â™” Long Live Donald Trump â™” (@magamania2018) February 13, 2020

Trump supporter @CRZYRedHead2018 shared good advice regardless of one's political persuasion: "Cook your loved one breakfast and supper. A gift from the heart."

Trump Valentine
President Donald Trump stands Polly Olson, a student of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, as she holds up a Valentine's Day card that the school stopped her from distributing on campus in 2019. Trump was the subject of a trending hashtag, #MAGAValentinesGifts. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty

Trump's critics, however, often took a satirical bent with their responses. Twitter user @mrjafri shared a valentine with the caption "You've built a wall in my heart," again referring to the border wall.

You’ve built a wall in my heart #MAGAValentinesGifts pic.twitter.com/wKLCs2yfhr

— Ziggy (@mrjafri) February 13, 2020

"Candles," wrote @MrRaceBannon, alongside a picture of the white supremacist 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that showed protesters holding tiki torches.

Candles #MAGAValentinesGifts pic.twitter.com/uW6YlxUPmU

— Mister Race Bannon (@MrRaceBannon) February 13, 2020

Trump's alleged relationship with Stormy Daniels was a frequent punchline. "A check for $130,000," wrote @NeverThatRobin2, referring to the money paid to the adult film star by Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen in exchange for her alleged 2006 affair with Trump. Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani later said that while Trump reimbursed Cohen for the payment, Trump did not know what is was for, and that Cohen had merely said he needed the money for "expenses."

Some critics cracked jokes without a political punchline.

"MAGA makeup palette with only orange shades from Walmart #MAGAValentinesGifts," @robyndwoskin wrote, with a picture appearing to show Trump with makeup on his face, but not his neck or the sides of his head.

MAGA makeup palette with only orange shades from Walmart #MAGAValentinesGifts pic.twitter.com/7cjyd37fsl

— Robyn staying in the nest (@robyndwoskin) February 12, 2020

However, the best not explicitly political tweet was an edited music video posted by @Effects_Include using clips from Trump's speeches to make the president sing the song "Señorita" by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

"A Hot Island Song to melt his Icy Heart," they wrote.

#MAGAValentinesGifts A Hot Island Song to melt his Icy Heart pic.twitter.com/TbnxcaNtAO

— SideEffectsMayInclude (@Effects_Include) February 13, 2020

The song was originally made by YouTuber Maestro Ziikos and posted in July 2019. The original video has over 22 million views as of press time.