'Magic: The Gathering' Pro Loses Deck, Community Rebuilds It In One Day

Losing Magic: The Gathering cards can be a real punch to the gut for anyone, but when you compete at high levels, it's like losing your very livelihood. That's exactly what happened to MTG player Kat Light, who found her Bant Spirit deck missing yesterday.

If anyone comes across a half foil spirits deck with onslaught flooded strands and rptq promo nobles in a channel fireball deck box with “Kat” on the top, please let me know. 😔

— Kat Light #BlackLivesMatter (@HellKatMTG) December 10, 2018

But all was not lost for Kat. The Magic community stepped in, volunteering cards, tokens and everything else to get her back on her feet. Within a few short hours, Kat's deck had been rebuilt, complete with some special foil cards. As an added way for Kat to express her gratitude, she requested all cards sent her way to be signed by their original owners as a way for her to always remember the kind gesture.

To everyone who has so generously helped me put together the pieces of my baby, please sign any cards you send me. I want to forever remember your kindness and to make sure my new deck is thief proof this time. 👻

— Kat Light #BlackLivesMatter (@HellKatMTG) December 10, 2018

Ready to be packaged up and shipped off to @HellKatMTG. I included a foil spirit token and some Aaron Miller tokens I had from his Kickstarter. Also seen are my signature test runs. Sorry my hand writing is trash Kat. #spiritsquad pic.twitter.com/VJ9z9kkZ5u

— Tyler Echevarria (@Techevarr) December 11, 2018

Ready to be sent off. Not pictured the 10 basic lands i practiced signing to see how I wanted it to look & test my sharpie @HellKatMTG @StunlockFTW pic.twitter.com/3xr4VwpdkV

— Kaya (@TheTunnelingCat) December 11, 2018

In fact, the donations came so quickly, many Magic players couldn't even sort through their card collections before the requests had all been met. The cards are being prepared to be shipped over to Kat right now. While all the cards in the deck have been spoken for, contributors have provided other items like card sleeves, a new deck box and more. If you have something you'd like to donate to the cause, send a message on Twitter to @StunlockFTW, also known as Matt Bedsole, who organized the card replacement drive.

Of course, Kat has been incredibly thankful to everyone who helped her get replacement cards. She recorded an emotional video today as a way to give more thanks to the Magic community members who stepped up in her time of need. "Thank you guys so much for all of the cards," Kat said through tears in the video. "It means the actual world to me. Thank you so much for helping me replace my deck."

I’m a mess, but I appreciate y’all so much. 😭 pic.twitter.com/B6qj1ZEbRs

— Kat Light #BlackLivesMatter (@HellKatMTG) December 11, 2018

So what do you think? Have you ever lost any of your best Magic cards? What other acts of kindness have you seen from a gaming community? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.