'Magical Rainforest' Living Room With Over 200 Plants Wows the Internet

The internet has fallen in love with a living room that looks more like a rainforest than a city apartment.

In a Reddit post that has so far reached over 13.400 upvotes and 460 comments, a man from France, who goes by the username mrsuzukid, shared a video of his greener-than-green living room, leaving the r/houseplants community in awe.

mrsuzukid, real name Linh, told Newsweek that his entire flat is filled with plants, and that both he and his main coon cat, Sauron, love the green oasis they've created. "I have exactly 219 plants at home. It took me a year and a half to get that serene and greeny vibe in my living room."

The reason why he created a verdant paradise in his flat is love. "I wanted the ones I love to feel how much I care for them, at the end it's only a love story. We are made to love and to be loved, if we don't love, if we don't care, if we don't share, we would be like plants without water."

Plants can actually feel love. According to a study published on the National Library of Medicine's website, talking nicely to your plants will support their growth. Although plants cannot understand the meaning of words, they react to low levels of vibrations, with 115-250hz is the ideal.

The idea of having over 200 plants in a flat may seem demanding, especially when it comes to watering, but Linh advises you to listen to your leaves.

"I don't have any watering schedule as I'm a real-life plant whisperer," Linh said. "I've learnt throughout the years that nature doesn't have any rules yet all grow in harmony and I would say in symphony. So how and when do I water my plants? When they ask me to water them, I don't need a routine, I just look at them, touch them and feel them."

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The r/houseplants community, where 1.1million users share tips and advice on how to best care for houseplants, was left stunned by Linh's jungle-like living room. One user, plusharmadillo, saidL "The swing! The black cat! The plant jungle!!! You, my friend, have the dream living space. Wow."

Another user, Pseudotumorgal, described Linh's living room as a "magical rainforest." While TankGirlwrx asked: "Do you need a roommate??"

While most users just praised the look of Linh's living room, some fellow cat owners asked how he managed to keep his cat from damaging the plants. A user who goes by, Vibratorvibrato, asked: "So this is the way to stop my cat from eating my green friends? I just need to overwhelm him with plant choices. Just 192 plants to go and I'll be in the clear lol", while another one, foxglove0326, suggested: "Try bitter apple spray, you can get it online or at a pet store. They take one munch and it's so bitter they usually don't go back again."

Linh and his lovely plants
A video of a magical rainforest flat stunned the internet. Above a picture of the plants and a cat cohabiting with them. Linh from Reddit