Maid of Honor Claims Bride 'Uninvited' Her Husband Because He Was 'Too Short'

Talk about an epic "bridezilla" moment.

A woman's maid of honor turned to Reddit to share her wedding season woes when she was told by the bride to leave her husband at home, because he was "too short" to attend the wedding.

An anonymous Redditor known only as u/aitathroawayacc made the wild allegations on the r/AmITheA*****e page, which is commonly used to divulge personal drama and get feedback from peers on whether a situation was handled well or not. She claimed that, despite having been in the bridal party for months, the bride made the shocking demand fairly recently.

"[The bride] invited me and my husband to the wedding already in October when she got engaged. I was asked to be her maid of honor," the anonymous user wrote, saying that while COVID initially made planning difficult, the date is slated for sometime in August.

However, despite being a major part of the ceremony, the bride informed her of a guest list changeup only last week. "She told me she thinks it would be better if my husband didn't come," she claimed.

The bride reportedly played coy at first, but eventually revealed why she did not want her maid of honor's husband to come: she felt he was "too short."

"She said it is because he is [shorter than] me ... it would look weird [in] pictures," the woman wrote. The Redditor reported her husband is just shy of 5 feet, 5 inches, and she stands about a centimeter taller than him.

"I think the difference is not that big and I offered I [wouldn't] wear heels but she said I must wear them cause I am the maid [of] honor and [the other] bridesmaid will wear heels as well," she claimed.

Upset by this request, the maid of honor made clear she was uncomfortable and would not attend without her partner. The bride found that answer to be unacceptable.

"She said that the day is about her and not about me and my husband and I should respect her wishes about her day," the maid of honor alleged. "She said that she counts [on] me as ... the maid of honor and I can't do this to her. I told her she is being shallow and that it is either me and my husband or none of us."

The bridesmaid reportedly was met with mixed results. While her husband agreed the bride was in the wrong and "it would be bad of me to agree with my friend," another colleague aware of the situation sided with the bride, "[because] it is just one day and it is about the bride so I shouldn't make a drama out of it."

Bridesmaid's husband uninvited because of height
A woman alleges that in a "bridezilla" moment a bride demanded her husband not come to the ceremony because he was "too short." OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP/Getty Images

However, commenters on the thread showed overwhelming support for the maid of honor put in such a tough position, and found it insensitive that the bride would ever ask such a thing of her.

"Height is an uncontrollable physical attribute. We'd be causing an uproar if a bride told her bridesmaid she was too fat to be in wedding pictures — this is the same, if not worse with the husband's height! I am absolutely livid on the husband's behalf," one person wrote.

"As someone whose Matron of Honor was 5-inches taller than her husband I can assure you, my wedding pictures DO NOT look funny. They are together in a few that I requested, but not in the wedding party pictures," another shared. "BTW, a skilled photographer can move people around and set risers up so everyone can be the same height if that is what your picky a** bride requires."

"This is just not how normal people behave. Friend or no friend, you don't exclude someone for their height," a Redditor added, as another offered a joke to lighten the mood: "Unless it's a roller coaster."

The anonymous bridesmaid shared several subsequent updates thanking viewers for their support and informing them of additional drama in the saga.

"After all the support I got ... I am making a move. I wrote her a text saying that I understand that [the] wedding can be stressful and she wants it perfect but that it really hurt me what she wanted from me," she shared. "I wrote that I am standing to what I said and unless my husband is invited, I am not coming. I wrote I want to be there for her and help her as the maid of honor but I can't do that if she will have superficial demands.

"I now see that I was not in the wrong to tell her that it is either both of us or none of us," she added.

Several even encouraged her to break off all ties with the bride. "The bride is showing zero respect to you. I wouldn't attend either and would probably be ending the relationship over this," one noted. "It's amazing how often the 'it's my special day' line is used to excuse bad dictatorial behavior," another reflected.

In one final update, the maid of honor shared the final verdict: she was out of the bridal party and not welcome at the wedding.

"So she finally wrote me, she very rudely told me that if this is my attitude I can [f***] off. I was polite in my message and she can't do even that," she alleged.

"So we are not going and I don't really want to talk to her after this all. I tried my best to be solve it and to give her a chance. It's sad but I guess she really was a toxic friend as many of you said in the comments."

Again, users expressed pride that she stood up for her partner and she was doing the right thing in the long run.

"I will say that telling a bridesmaid what to wear is pretty common, but it's absolutely expected that married couples attend together as a unit," one noted. Another chimed in adding that they ought to gift her a "book on etiquette, because inviting one half of a spouse to a major event is a prime example of poor manners."

This anonymous bride is not the only soon-to-be-married woman causing a stir online. One woman allegedly refused to return her sister's pet cat because of a dispute about organizing her engagement party, as told in another Reddit forum. Another woman was so determined to get married that when her fiancé got cold feet and ran, she replaced him and wed one of his groomsmen instead.

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