Major Biden Alleged Biting Incident Prompts Wave of Support For President's Dog

President Joe Biden's youngest dog, Major, has reportedly been sent to the Bidens' home in Delaware after allegedly biting a security officer, according to CNN which cited two anonymous sources. However, fans of Biden's dog refuse to believe that the 3-year-old German Shepherd could have done anything wrong.

The CNN article also reports that a source confirmed that both the Biden dogs, Major and Champ, are currently in Delaware, but noted that the pets are known to stay there with minders when first lady Jill Biden is out of town, which she is.

Until proven guilty, Major fans are maintaining his innocence and sharing their messages of support on Twitter, amid a number of jokes.

Kate Bennett, who reported on the incident for CNN, tweeted shortly after sharing the article: "All dogs are very good dogs though."

┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•) All dogs are very good
┳┻|⊂ノ dogs though.

— Kate Bennett (@KateBennett_DC) March 9, 2021

Author Molly Jong-Fast said: "Major Biden did nothing wrong," while entrepreneur and television personality Carol Roth said: "I will tolerate no slander against Major Biden on my timeline. He's a very good boy and this is a political hit job."

Activist and write Charlotte Clymer said: "Major Biden should be promoted to Colonel. *hits send*"

Others joked about the fact that Major is said to have bitten a security guard, like author Frederick Joseph who said: "Major Biden is the only one in the White House who I'm aligned with on police." Twitter user @GeraldLeroy6 said: "'ACAB'— Major Biden, 2021"

Many Major fans want to hear what he has to say for himself, like Twitter user @roguecats7 who said: "I want to hear Major Biden's side of the story, please @Oprah"

I want to hear Major Biden's side of the story, please @Oprah

— Gracie St. Ives (@roguecats7) March 9, 2021

Author Avanti Centrae said: "Major Biden should be innocent until proven guilty."

Major Biden should be innocent until proven guilty.

— Avanti Centrae, Multi-Award-Winning Author (@avanticentrae) March 9, 2021

Twitter users joked about Major reacting to former President Donald Trump's adviser Stephen Miller, like Jake Lobin who said: "I'm guessing that Major Biden came across one of Stephen Miller's horcruxes that he had hidden somewhere in the West Wing, and Major was just trying to warn everyone about it."

Journalist Rex Huppke said: "I stand with Major Biden and believe the alleged 'biting incident' was prompted by the lingering scent of Stephen Miller."

Some Twitter users are wondering how Champ will react to the news, like Twitter user @_hazelbite who said: "Major Biden: 'so pretty sure we're moving back to Delaware. I may have made a mistake.' Champ:" and attached a photo of actor Adam Driver looking disappointed.

Major Biden: so pretty sure we're moving back to Delaware. I may have made a mistake


— mountain abbey (@_hazelbite) March 9, 2021

Although the Bidens have not yet commented on the incident, a fan page for the dogs called The Oval Pawffice (which is not affiliated with the White House) has put out a statement on Major's behalf.

The statement says: "In light of the 'biting incident' news and unsubstantiated 'aggressive behavior' pawccusations flying at me faster than Champ's floofs during brushing, I would like to point out that causing mere scratches duing playtime can happen to the best of us, especially if we are still puppies and have high energy levels.

"I would never bite anyone, not intentionally. I maintain that I am innocent and remain hopeful that the pupcoming investigation will show exactly that."

🐾 Yelp! I am innocent. #PawsRelease

— The Oval Pawffice® 🇺🇸 Fans (@TheOvalPawffice) March 9, 2021
President Joe Biden, Champ, and Major
President Joe Biden poses with the Biden family dogs, Champ (L) and Major (R), on February 9, 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House. Major has received an outpouring of support from fans on Twitter after an alleged biting incident. Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz