Makayla Noble Fundraiser Collects $100,000 for Paralyzed Texas Cheerleader in 2 Days

A fundraiser to help a Texas teenager who was left paralyzed after a freak tumbling accident has collected more than $100,000 in just two days.

Cheerleader Makayla Noble, 16, suffered a spinal cord injury on Monday while tumbling—a form of gymnastics in which individuals perform flips, jumps and twists—in a backyard.

The teenager's mother, Jenn Noble, said in a Facebook post after the accident that the chances of her daughter walking again were "very slim."

A family friend, Tiffany Smith, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the 16-year-old's medical expenses.

On the page, Smith wrote: "Makayla Noble has suffered a spinal cord injury from a freak tumbling accident, and has a long road of recovery ahead. Please show your love and support for the Noble family with a contribution of any amount."

The GoFundMe has raised $102,000 in just two days.

One donor, Alexis Stratman, wrote: "I'm praying for your speedy recovery Makayla. You are such an inspiration to many and you have such a beautiful personality. Stay strong angel!"

Doug Ruter also donated, adding the comment: "My son Zach and Makayla not only cheered together but they also created a little business making hats to benefit children undergoing cancer treatment. Genuine hearts and souls. God Bless you Makayla."

Smith told local TV station Fox 4 that the accident had occurred in someone's backyard, but further details have not been released.

"This was not a cheer practice. This wasn't on a mat with a coach," she said.

Smith added that Makayla was a "world-class athlete" who had been a cheerleader for most of her life.

The teenager's recovery could take between 12 and 18 months, according to Smith.

Makayla's sister, Myriah Noble, posted an update on the cheerleader's condition on Instagram on Thursday.

She wrote: "Makayla is now aware of her injuries and how severe they are. please pray for her mental health as she starts to process this information and begins to face the challenges that will come along with her new lifestyle. if anyone is going to overcome this it's our makayla.

"we were also presented with a glimpse of what the next 12 months will look like in terms of recovery for mak. It was not easy news to digest, and we are specifically asking for y'all to pray for the following: 1. Pray for her fingers and hands, specifically that movement will return. 2. Pray for pain management- that pain and nausea will reside. 3. Pray for my parents and the medical teams to have wisdom as they make decisions on next steps."

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Stock image of a cheerleader. A 16-year-old cheerleader has been left paralyzed after a freak accident in Texas. iStock