'Making a Murderer' Subject Brendan Dassey Moved to Medium Security Prison: Here's What That Means

Making A Murderer subject Brendan Dassey has been moved to a new prison with a lower security level, according to Wisconsin State Department records reported by WITI Friday. Now, Dassey will reside at Oshkosh Correctional Institution instead of Columbia Correctional Institution. He is in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach, a crime he originally confessed to, but he now claims his confession was false.

The prison change could bring large lifestyle adjustments for Dassey, who is now 29 years old. He was first considered an accomplice in the crime when he was only 16. Dassey's lawyer, Laura Nirider, told WITI Dassey's good behavior was the reason behind his transfer.

Nirider responded to an inquiry from Newsweek by saying she has "no comment at this time."

Columbia Correctional Institution, where Dassey was previously located, is a maximum security prison, or United States Penitentiary. Maximum security prisons typically house violent or dangerous inmates. A medium Security prison, like Oshkosh, is considered a Federal Correctional Institute, according to Prisoner Resources. There isn't much of a change in definition when it comes to the specifics of each prison's security resources. Both included gunned guards and histories of inmate violence. Typically, placement in a medium security prison is considered for an inmate with less than 30 years left in their sentence, according to multiple sources. This is not neccessarily true for Dassey, who is serving a life sentence. He will be eligible for parole, though, in 2048.

At the medium security prison, Dassey will have expanded opportunities for work and recreation. The Oshkosh Correctional Institute Inmate Handbook lists a handful of career training opportunities, including focus in building maintenance and construction, food service, horticulture, computer training and dog grooming and training.

Inmates are allowed to be enrolled in up to two hobbies and can choose from a list of a musical instruments, beading, model making, yarn, latch hooking, painting and drawing, cross stitching and ceramics.

Housing at Oshkosh may also be more comfortable, as it eliminates cells and gives inmates access to dorm-like housing. Though each inmate has their own room, they hold the key to it and can socialize in shared spaces.

Dassey has gone through the appeal process for the crime he claims he did not commit, and much of his fight for freedom has been featured on Making A Murderer. In a disappointing ending to the series' second part, the United States Supreme Court declined to take on Dassey's case. This means Dassey can no longer appeal with the same grounds as he's attempted already.