Man Accused Of Covering Up Democrat's Bumper Stickers With 'I Love Trump' Decals, Then Following Her In His Van

A Georgia man could be facing criminal charges after he allegedly covered up bumper stickers on a woman's vehicle and then followed her several miles down the road.

The incident reportedly happened on Monday when Sharon Wood, a Democrat, went grocery shopping at a Publix in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Wood told The Gwinett Daily Post that she returned to her car and discovered that two of her bumper stickers — one supporting Black Lives Matter and another supporting former Georgia state Representative Stacey Abram's 2018 gubernatorial bid — had been covered by 'I Love Trump' stickers.

"I just peeled them off and tossed them in my car and finished loading my groceries. And then when I went to get into the driver's side of the car, I hear this guy yelling from across the parking lot '(expletive) traitor. You (expletive) traitor' and I look over there and see this work van and this guy yelling," Wood told the newspaper.
Wood said that she shook her head at the man and then got into her car, but noticed that the van began following her out of the parking lot.
"That's when I stopped being annoyed and started being scared," the Gwinnett County Democratic Party first vice-chair said. She told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the van followed her for several miles and turned when she did, so she decided not to go home. Instead she decided to drive to the Lawrenceville Police Department, but Wood realized she couldn't remember where it was located.
Eventually, Wood said she pulled into a strip mall parking lot and since the van couldn't make the turn fast enough, honked the vehicle's horn at her as it drove past.
According to the AJC, a photo of Wood's car featuring the Trump bumper stickers was shared to a Facebook group with the caption, "I added some 'I Love Trump' stickers to this (expletive) collection."
Once she arrived home, Wood called the business associated with the van and asked how many work vans they have. When the operator asked why she wanted to know, she told the Daily Post that she realized she could be talking to the driver who had followed her.
"I said 'I just had a disturbing incident where one of your drivers harassed me,'" Wood told the AJC, adding that the person on the other end of the call told her to complain to Stacey Abrams. Later in the call, the individual reportedly admitted he was the driver she had encountered before hanging up the phone.
When the AJC contacted the business connected to the van, the man who answered told the newspaper that the story is not true. "It's not accurate. That's how the left acts. I'm not like them," he said before ending the call.
Gwinnett County Solicitor General Brian Whiteside and the Lawrenceville Police Department are investigating the encounter. Charges against the man are possible, Whiteside said.
Wood said she will continue to put bumper stickers on her car.
"We should be able to stand up for what we believe in," she told the AJC.
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Man Accused Of Covering Up Democrat's Bumper Stickers With 'I Love Trump' Decals, Then Following Her In His Van | News