Philadelphia Man Confesses to Killing His Mother, Stepfather And Two Half Brothers with a Shotgun

A man has been charged with murder after he admitted to killing his mother, stepfather and two half brothers, including one who was just 7 years old, in a Philadelphia home, authorities said.

Janet Woodson Holmes, 51, Leslie Holmes, 56, Sy-eed Woodson, 18 and 7-year-old Leslie Woodson were found dead at the home on Wednesday, a Philadelphia police spokesman confirmed to Newsweek.

Maurice Louis, 29, was arrested after officers found him naked in the home drinking from a bottle of vodka with a rifle on the floor, the spokesman added. Louis has been charged with four counts of criminal homicide and related offenses, the police spokesman said.

Acting Philadelphia Police Commissioner Christine Coulter told reporters on Thursday that Louis had confessed to killing his mother, stepfather and two half brothers when officers found him in a bedroom, ABC 6 reported.

"They discovered him in a room and he told the officers at the scene, he revealed that he had killed them," Coulter said. "Then they went through the house and one by one discovered the family members who were deceased in the house."

She said he didn't resist arrest and was taken into custody. She added that he surrendered his shotgun without any trouble, according to ABC6.

Officers were sent to check on Louis' mother and stepfather at their home in the 5000 block of Walton Avenue in West Philadelphia at around 1.15 p.m. on Wednesday when they didn't show up for work.

Relatives said Louis had depression and had been diagnosed, according to ABC 6, but Coulter said she hadn't found any medical records to confirm this.

Coulter also said officers weren't sure what the motive for the killing was. "I don't know if there was a trigger or anything that made him snap at that point," she said.

Police said officers entered the property through a partially open second floor window after no one answered the door. They found Louis naked and sitting in a chair.

Louis' mother was found shot by the front door and his stepfather was found in the dining room, police said. Sy-eed Woodson was found in a bedroom on the second floor while Leslie Woodson was found in the kitchen area.

Police said all four victims had been shot and sustained "catastrophic head wounds." According to CBS Philadelphia, Louis allegedly lay in wait for each victim and police say that because he used bird shot in his gun, they would have had to be shot at point-blank range for the shots to be fatal.

Holmes' older brother Reggie Woodson told the station: "I'm so numb. I can't even express how I feel now. I don't know what I'm going to do."

Maurice Louis
Maurice Louis, 29, has been charged in the killing of four family members at a home in West Philadelphia. Philadelphia Police Department
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