Man Allegedly Entered Elementary School, Filmed 10-Year-Old In Bathroom

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after he was granted permission to enter an elementary school bathroom where he allegedly filmed a 10-year-old girl on his cellphone.

Brian Mintmier, 26, entered Ramsey Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon and received permission from a "district employee" to use the restroom, WPXI reported.

According to the criminal complaint, Mintmier entered the restroom unaccompanied. A 10-year-old student in one of the stalls reported seeing a man recording her with a cell phone under the stall.

While security protocol differs depending on the school and district, most require a visitor screening which consists of a visitor checking in with a school staff member before gaining access to the rest of the school.

The Safety and Security Guidelines provided by the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools recommends documenting all guests' names and contact information before entering the school.

A staff member should also verify the information provided before granting access to a guest. If approved, school visitors should wear a visitor sticker with their name and visible date of entry.

Staff members at the school removed Mintmier from the restroom and held him in the front office until Monroe Police arrived, WPXI reported. Police allegedly discovered a box cutter on Mintmier.

A letter sent out to parents by Gateway School District superintendent William Short obtained by another local station said Mintmier was in the girl's bathroom for 40 minutes before the student noticed and notified staff members.

"This egregious error in judgment is against school district policy and procedures," the letter read.

WPXI reported that the staff member who allowed Mintmier inside has been placed on leave pending the investigation. Counselors were present on Wednesday to provide support to students.

Many parents came forward saying they were frustrated with how the situation was handled and that the district failed with their own procedures to ensure the children's safety.

"I have a number of issues with how this went down," a parent told a local outlet. "How is this allowed to happen? There was a sex crime committed inside of an elementary school."

A letter from the school's principal to parents claimed Mintmier gained access to the school "under false pretenses"

Mintmier faces three charges including third-degree invasion of privacy, possession of a weapon on school property, and possessing a criminal instrument.

Court documents show that Mintmier was denied bail and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 28. Monroe Police are still investigating and additional charges may be filed.

Newsweek reached out to the Monroeville Police Department and the Gateway School District for comment.

Man allegedly hid camera in school bathroom
Brian Mintmier, 26, was accused of filming a 10-year-old girl in an elementary school bathroom after he was granted access by an employee. vmargineanu/iStock