Man Attacks Restaurant Waiters With Harpoon After They Refuse to Serve Him

A video captured the moment a man attacked restaurant waiters with a harpoon after they reportedly refused to serve him.

The incident occurred in Málaga, a city on Spain's southern coast, on Friday evening.

According to Spanish news outlets, the man had demanded a table at the restaurant, but was visibly drunk and behaving aggressively.

The restaurant was busy and all of its tables were occupied, so staff refused to serve, according to

Angered by the refusal, the man immediately began to threaten the employees and reportedly started throwing tables and chairs in their direction.

He reportedly left the restaurant but returned moments later, armed with a harpoon.

Video of the scene captured from across the street purported to show the moment the man lunged at a person with the weapon. That person is seen stumbling backwards due to the force of a blow.

The attacker is then seen turning back towards the restaurant and appears to strike its windows with the harpoon. He is then seen hurling chairs from the restaurant's terrace at the building.

A bystander is seen picking up another chair in front of the restaurant and throwing it at the man before running off.

According to, the man made death threats during the attack and staff attempted to defend themselves as best they could.

The man left the area after a few minutes. One worker was left with minor injuries, according to LaSexta.

Several police officers responded to the scene, but did not arrive in time to detain the man.

An investigation is underway and police are working to identify the man involved.

The incident took place days after a male nurse lost sight in one of his eyes after being attacked by a man on a subway train in Madrid.

That attack took place one July 15 after the nurse asked the other passenger to wear a mask on the train in Madrid, local media reported.

A video that circulated on Twitter appeared to capture the initial confrontation, and shows the moment a man was thrown to the floor of the train after being struck hard in the face by a maskless suspect in a pink baseball cap.

Doctors at the Hospital 12 de Octubre did everything possible to save the victim's sight, but the extent of the damage was severe, according to El Mundo.

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Stock photo. A video captured the moment a man attacked waiters with a harpoon in Spain. iStock