Man Blasted for Telling Student She 'Weaponized' Her 'Femininity"

Commenters bashed a teacher for not defending his student who claimed she was being bullied and for telling her she "ruined" the bully's record by "weaponizing her "femininity."

The anonymous student, known only as u/itsokdad, posted about her situation in Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" forum where it received more than 25,000 upvotes and 2,500 comments. The post can be found here.

According to the Family Equality Council, about 3.8 million children under 18 have an LGBTQ parent, and an estimated 200,000 are raised by a same-sex couple.

In the post titled "AITA for 'weaponizing my femininity' by crying since the teacher wouldn't stop another student harassing me ?" the student, 15, explained that last year–9 years after her mom's death–her dad started seeing another man who now lives with them.

Teaches Bashed for Not Defending Bullied Teen
A 15-year-old student went viral online after claiming her teacher defended another student's homophobic comments about her dads. Antonio_Diaz/iStock

"I'm not ashamed of my family so I never hid it," the post read. "I'm not really popular at school so I just really told my friends and it was all good."

That was up until two months ago, when a fellow student named Duncan, 15, found out about her dads.

"Duncan started simple with jokes like 'wow which one of them is the mom?'" the post read.

She said she promptly told her teacher, Mr. Smith, about Duncan's comments, but the teacher said that "he's just trying to understand."

The teen said Duncan's comments soon escalated, with him making comments such as "enjoy your time here, it'll get worse when your sinner family goes to hell."

Again, she went to Mr. Smith about the comment, but he told the student that she "can't be prejudiced with his religion, it's wrong in the Bible," and once again defended Duncan because "he's just trying to understand."

She added that in her country, each class has one designated teacher, so she wasn't able to tell another teacher about her situation.

"After two months of that I realized that if I wanted him to stop I had to do it myself," the post read. "So when he started with his homophobic s**t at the cafeteria I started to remember the saddest thing I didn't take long for the waterworks to come."

The teen said she began "ugly sobbing" and screaming at Duncan in the cafeteria, asking why he told her she would go to hell and why he hated her dads.

"Duncan started to stutter and plead, trying to make me go to class with him and talk to the teacher (wonder why)," the post read. "I just cried louder and flinched when he tried to pull me away."

She said the scene was so big that she and Duncan ended up at the principal's office. She claimed the principal was "pissed" at Mr. Smith and Duncan received a five-day suspension. The principal also told her to go directly to her office if anything happened again.

"When we left the office Mr.Smith stopped me and told me 'I hope you're happy. You put a permanent mark on a good boy's record because you decided to weaponize your femininity instead of being a little understanding,'" the post read.

The teen claimed Mr. Smith tried to make her apologize to Duncan, but she said she would go back to the principal's office if he continued.

"Then later Duncan's friends started messaging me accusing me of acting like Amber Heard and ruining a boys life just because I can," the post read.

She said she didn't tell her dads about the situation because they are "always afraid" she will suffer for their choices.

"I don't feel like I'm wrong, but with Mr.Smith's warning and Duncan's friends I'm starting to doubt, so AITA?" the post concluded.

More than 2,500 users commented on the post, many defending the student for reacting the way she did and criticizing her teacher.

"I hate that we are not allowed to cry because it is 'weaponizing femininity' or we are being 'hormonal', 'psycho' or 'unreasonable,'" one user commented. "Women aren't allowed emotions because it might make men feel bad and it sucks."

"You're not the a**hole. Duncan is discovering that actions have consequences," another user commented.

"Go back to the principal and let her know what your teacher said, as well as what Duncan's friends are messaging you about," another suggested. "Your teacher's comments were unacceptable, and Duncan's friends are being horrific. Going to her would simply be doing as she asked you to."

Other users suggested OP tell her dads about the situation rather than try to hide it from them.

"PLEASE tell your dads, OP!" one user commented. "Trust me, they'll be so proud of you for standing up to a homophobic bully, and furious that your teacher protected him, likely because your teacher is just as bigoted."

"I know you don't want to worry your parents but, as a parent, I want you to know - the biggest worry is that you won't tell us the stuff you're dealing with and we won't be able to help you," another wrote. "It's a parent's job to have broad shoulders and take on your burdens; it's what we want to do."

"Go back to the principal and tell your dads," another user suggested. "This counts as harassment and an unsafe environment and your parents need to immediately start working with the school board to stop it."

Newsweek reached out to u/itsokdad for comment.

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