Man Buys Pepper Filled With Bugs and Reveals How to Tell If They're Inside

A man has claimed to be able to spot when a bell pepper is full of bugs. Insect enthusiast Corran regularly shares images and photos relating to invertebrates, including moths and scorpions.

But his latest TikTok video is causing a stir, after Corran allegedly found some bugs in an unlikely place—inside his next meal.

While holding a juicy red bell pepper, Corran explains: "Sometimes I buy food that I know has bugs inside it. And you're thinking, how do you know? So I'm going to prove it. Honestly, I picked up this pepper knowing that it had bugs in it because I saw black discoloration in the middle."

He filmed the vegetable's skin, suggesting: "This is a sign that the pepper actually has droppings and such inside of it. Here you see I'm splitting it open and look at that, there are some bugs right inside that pepper."

Insects are shown inside the pepper. The video cuts to another scene in which Corran is now holding iridescent insects, which he called "cute."

Newsweek contacted Corran for comment.

The video, shared on Monday, amassed more than 5 million views at the time of writing. Numerous people commented on the sight with one person joking: "Only in America," to which Corran pointed out: "The plants come from all over the world."

Commenting on the video, Isaac Newman asked: "So no ones gonna talk about how he's opening it in his car?"

Kane Fitz joked: "More reasons not to eat fruit and veg."

George M. pointed out: "You went to buy food and ended up being a dad."

ABC thought: "One of the coolest looking bugs I've ever seen but I'm still scared."

The Weird Cookie quipped: "That's the extra protein."

While Ranel added: "They're so pretty."

File photo of a Dogbane beetle
File photo of a Dogbane beetle. Getty Images/bookguy

Update 7/2/21: This article was updated to remove an unverified claim about a company.