Man Casually Eats Wings While Being Mugged at Gunpoint in Surveillance Video

A shocking surveillance video has captured the moment a man is robbed at gunpoint, but incredibly he did not appear fazed and continued to eat his chicken wings as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

In the clip, the man who was wearing a FILA hooded top could be seen sitting down surrounded by several other people who were either seated at other tables or standing up.

As the video continued, a man wearing a helmet could be seen walking into the restaurant armed with a handgun and pointing it at the man who was sitting down at a table and eating wings.

Other customers appeared shocked, including a woman who was sat next to the man, or left the restaurant as the gun-toting criminal nabbed nearby items.

The robber, still waving his gun around, then gestured at diners to hand over their belongings, all while the man continued to take chunks out of his wings.

Not wanting to miss a second to dine on his dinner, the man reached down to get his cell phone before passing it on to the robber.

His casual demeanor made it appear as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening to him or his friends, despite their lives being seemingly at risk.

The robber then took a few more items from the diners before calmly strolling out from the restaurant and onto the sidewalk.

He was then out of shot, leaving the patrons stunned over what had just happened to them. The man also cast a glance towards where the robber had left, but once again returned to dig into his wings.

According to Colombian outlet Q'hubo Cali, the robbery happened at a restaurant in Nuevo Leon, in Mexico, on June 17.

Robbery is a common crime in Latin America, with criminals being brazen with how they carry out their actions.

In February, a news reporter was robbed at gunpoint on live TV outside a soccer stadium in Ecuador.

Diego Ordinola had been reporting for DirecTV Sports from outside the Isidro Romero Carbo Monumental Stadium in Guayaquil when he was interrupted by a man holding a gun.

The shocking exchange was recorded live with the camera focused on Ordinola. Later, the footage was uploaded to Ordinola's Twitter account.

Once the robbery was over, the criminal scurried away after taking a phone, the cameras continued to roll, showing him jump on the back of a motorbike before fleeing the scene.

The man calmly ate his wings
The man calmly are his wings despite being in danger. In this photo: Creme Fraiche Chicken Wings in the studio in Washington, DC on April 4, 2014 The Washington Post / Contributor/Getty