Texas Man Accused of Killing His Wife and Baby Girl Says God Told Him to Do It

A Texas man allegedly confessed to killing his wife and infant daughter to a complete stranger, saying "God told me to do it."

Cody Edmund Dixon has been charged with killing his common law wife, 22-year-old Alia Rae Hutchison, and their 9-month-old daughter Aria Ella Dixon, according to the Abilene Reporter-News.

The 34-year-old, of Abilene, Texas, was arrested at the Baird Motor Inn and RV Park in Baird, Texas, on Saturday evening, the Callahan County Sheriff's Office said, according to the local outlet.

According to KTXS, Dixon allegedly told witness Chris Whitworth that he had stabbed his wife and daughter and then dumped their bodies by the side of the road.

The two bodies were found on Country Road 324 between Baird and Putnam in Texas at around 8.30 p.m. on Saturday evening, KTXS reported. Neighbors told the outlet that Hutchison was found dead on the road, but the baby had been thrown over a fence.

Whitworth told the outlet that Dixon had followed him to the Baird Motor Inn off of I-20 from Love's truck stop that evening. Whitworth said Dixon got out of his vehicle, sat down in a chair and confessed.

Dixon had blood on his hands, Whitworth said, and claimed that "God told me to do it."

"He kept asking me, 'Do you believe in God?' and I said, 'Do you believe in God? You just killed your wife and child,'" Whitworth told KTXS. "He said, 'God told me you could help me with my problems,'" Whitworth added.

Whitworth said he alerted someone at the front desk of Baird Motor Inn to call police. When a Baird City Marshall arrived, Dixon allegedly assaulted the officer and attempted to run away. Whitworth said he managed to tackle him and restrain him until a police car arrived on the scene.

Dixon is facing two counts of capital murder for the death of his wife and daughter.

He is also charged with escape, assault on a police officer and possession of a controlled substance, according to the Abilene Reporter-News. His bond is set at $1.8 million.

Hutchison was originally from Waupun, Wisconsin, according to her Facebook page. She had been in a relationship with Dixon since January 2016, according to her profile.

Newsweek has contacted the Callahan County Sheriff's Office for comment.

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Stock photo: A Texas man is accused of killing his wife and daughter, then allegedly telling a stranger: "God made me do it." Getty