'Get Out While You're Alive': Man's 'Creepy' Discovery in Girlfriend's Attic Goes Viral

A man claims to have made a disturbing discovery in the attic space of his girlfriend's house and it's got people feeling seriously spooked.

In a post shared to Reddit under the handle n515o, a man shared a picture of what he unearthed while exploring his partner's loft space.

Hidden at the back beyond the beams, plaster and gathering cobwebs, he found a simple, yet terrifying message scratched into the back wall.

The discovery of a pentagram—a five-pointed star associated with the worship of Satan—alongside the name "Nick."

The discovery might have been okay were it not for the fact that, according to the man sharing the image, his name just so happens to be Nick.

Presented like the backstory of a particularly disturbing horror film, this revelation was enough to send a chill down the spine of plenty on Reddit, with the post racking up nearly 90,000 upvotes.

For some, like RagingPhysicist, the whole thing came off as a little bit "spooky." Others, like V3nom641, went further, writing: "As a fellow Nick, I'd say get the f*** out of there...run brother, run."

Matters went from bad to worse when another user, Baby-Calypso, noted that the use of the name "Nick" may have more serious connotations. "Old Nick is another name for the devil," they wrote. Indeed, the Collins Dictionary confirms Old Nick as "a jocular name for Satan."

What-an-odd-one, meanwhile, presented a "creepy" alternative theory that the man's girlfriend "likely carved that herself" and is just "lying" to him. "Get out while you're alive," they warned.

Plenty remained unconvinced, of course, with one user, writing as Leaque, quipping: "Damn some 16 year olds really smoked pot up there." Oceanviews98 was similarly skeptical, writing that they call "bulls***" on the post.

However, some wondered if they were being a bit too quick to dismiss it. "You know in horror movies when nobody believes the guy trying to warn everyone, we are totally them," lossione commented.

Newsweek has reached out to the original poster for comment.

While the pentagram has earned an association with satanism, the truth is actually a lot more mundane than the fiction. Writing in the Utah Daily Chronicle, Alisa Patience, a practicing pagan, explains that the pentagram "contrary to popular belief" is "not entirely a satanic symbol."

"I believe that if you worship Satan or the devil, the proper symbol you're looking for is an upside-down cross, but even that is actually the cross of St. Peter," she explains. "The pentagram represents the five elements: air, fire, water, earth and spirit."

This isn't the first time a resident has been left perturbed after discovering a hidden detail within their home.

One man, for example, found an entire secret room behind the wall of his pantry. In another instance, a woman uncovered a secret door leading to a huge basement she never knew existed.

A ladder up to an attic space.
Stock image of a ladder up to an attic space - a man has shared the unsettling discovery he made in his girlfriend's attic. Kinek00/Getty