Unvaccinated Man Dies After Warning People of Dangers of COVID From ICU Bed

An unvaccinated man in England has died just days after he warned people from his bed in the ICU of the dangers of contracting COVID.

Brian Lynch, 46, died on July 31 surrounded by his family just three weeks after he was admitted to the ICU at the Royal Blackburn Hospital after contracting COVID, the London-based radio station LBC reported on Sunday.

Lynch, a removal firm boss from Blackburn in North West England, had confirmed in a Facebook post on July 7 that he had been admitted to the hospital after taking the test out of interest for his family despite "what I think about testing, Covid vaccines etc."

Lynch said that he thought only the elderly and vulnerable would be hospitalized after contracting the virus, but explained that he "found out the hard way," that he was wrong.

"On Friday evening I was coughing badly that much I could not get my breath at all, my oxygen levels went down to 52% and I seriously thought i'm not gonna get my breath it's the most frightened i've ever been, I felt like I was gonna suffocate in my own body," Lynch wrote on July 7.

He said that he had been on a ventilator since he was admitted to the hospital and warned others: "To anyone that may have similar sort of thoughts to this (as) what I had I just have to say this—I hope it doesn't get you."

Lynch posted several updates on his Facebook page during his time in the hospital, telling his followers on July 12 that "this Covid cough really is brutal can't wait for it to dissipate. Can't catch ya breath with it, just takes all your energy."

The local community rallied around Lynch as LBC reported that his friend Nicky Ashton set up a pub fundraiser to support him and his family with £3,000 ($4,165) raised prior to the event.

However, on July 31, the day before the fundraiser was scheduled to take place, Lynch died in hospital. The fundraiser went ahead the next day to support his family.

Lynch is one of several unvaccinated people to have died across the U.K. in recent weeks, as another man, Leslie Lawrenson, died at his home in Bournemouth, South England, on July 2 after insisting that he did not need to take the vaccination to protect himself against the virus.

Lawrenson had posted videos on social media claiming that he would rather get infected with COVID in order to build "natural immunity" than take the shot, with his stepdaughter Carla Hodges, 35, saying that he was "so brainwashed by the stuff that he was seeing on YouTube and social media."

Similar deaths have also been reported in the U.S., as a Florida radio host who was vehemently outspoken about vaccinations died from COVID-19 complications on Friday.

Conservative commentator Dick Farrel, of West Palm Beach, Florida, made a number of comments on Facebook regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci and the COVID-19 vaccine, but recanted a number of statements and urged people to get the vaccine after being hospitalized.

Meanwhile, a 28-year-old man from Atlanta, Georgia, who did not get vaccinated after reading conspiracy theories online, also urged others not to make the same mistake he did before he died of COVID over the weekend.

Unvaccinated man dies after warning
A COVID-19 vaccine is prepared at a vaccination centre in Barrhead, south of Glasgow on August 9, 2021. An unvaccinated man in England has died just days after he warned people from his bed in the ICU of the dangers of contracting COVID. Jeff J Mitchell/AFP via Getty Images