Man Dies in Freak Accident After Getting Buried Under Landslide of Carrots

A man has died after becoming trapped under a shipment of carrots.

The 34-year-old man, who has not been named, died after a large, unspecified, quantity of the root vegetable fell on top of him while he was working in an agricultural warehouse in Vallelado, a municipality located in the province of Segovia, Castilla and León, Spain.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Thursday, January 20.

According to the Emergency Service 112 of Castilla and León, they received a call at 3:05 a.m. informing them that a man had been trapped and was unconscious after a large number of carrots fell on him in kilometer 101 of the CL_602 in Vallelado.

An ambulance was dispatched to the scene along with officers from the Civil Guard (COS) of Segovia, the Segovia Fire Brigade and, by proximity, the Fire Brigade of the Valladolid Provincial Council, who mobilized a crew.

Despite their best efforts, the emergency services could do little to help the man, who died at the scene. Reports indicate he has not yet been formally identified.

According to Telecinco, the man was working for what is described as a "family business" and his death has reportedly sent shockwaves through the municipality where he was well known. The latest figures indicate that as of 2021, Vallelado has a population of just 718.

The specifics of his death and what led to it are not yet known. It it not yet clear whether a police investigation into the incident has been opened.

The tragedy comes just weeks after two children were crushed to death in another freak accident involving a bounce house near Valencia. A four-year-old girl and another eight-year-old child died from the injuries they incurred when a strong gust of wind threw the bounce house they were on into the air.

Seven other children suffered injuries when the inflatable flew into the air during a Christmas fair in the municipality of Mislata on January 4. A police investigation to assess whether the bounce house complied with safety regulations has been launched while the parents of one of those children killed in the incident are considering legal action.

The freak incident that saw the man crushed under an avalanche of carrots comes just days after a man in the U.S. was crushed to death by a garbage compactor.

The body of Jermaine Watts, 42, was found in the back of a garbage truck with police determining he fell asleep in a dumpster.

A police car in Spain.
Stock image of a police car in Spain - a man has died after being crushed to death by a shipment of carrots. fotoedu/Getty