Man Discovers Bright Green 'Swamp' Underneath Trap Door in 'Spooky' Rental Home

Based on this family's reaction, the in-house "swamp" may not have been advertised in the home rental listing.

A viral video has viewers debating what a "secret passageway" contains after footage of a family's vacation home rental showed a mysterious green liquid lurking underneath their floor.

TikToker Rob, known on the video-sharing platform as @robertibus, shared the bizarre news about his rental home while vacationing in the Lake District in England with his wife Nat, daughter Arrietty and dog Samson on Sunday.


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"So, we've come away for a little weekend retreat in this lovely little cove in the lakes, but I can't help but notice, where does this go?" he asked, focusing in on a trap door built into the floor underneath the couch.

"Well, sofa moved, and I guess it's time for an adventure," Rob added, as Samson circled above the door and tried to sniff out what lies underneath. "This is not creepy in the slightest."

When Rob managed to open the wooden door, he discovered a staircase leading to a lower level of the house.

"What is this? Oh my days!" he said. "That's terrifying."

"Samson, where are you? I need your emotional support right now mate," he jokingly added, as the dog slinks out from the kitchen. "Yeah, I'm scared too!"

Rob turned on his phone's flashlight and descended the stairwell. At the bottom of the steps, he is horrified to find a pool filled with a bright green liquid.

"What the flip?" he asked. "It's water...It's quite deep and very green! What on earth is this?"

He noted there appears to be a "drain in the middle," and asked, "What what creepy a** thing is living in here?"

The camera pans around the small brick room, also filled with cobwebs and dust. In a text overlay edited on the video, Rob encouraged viewers to offer their insight on "what the heck is going on."

"So, turns out, we booked the holiday home of a swamp monster," Rob concluded. "Maybe he can tell us where the remote's gone."

Since posting, the video has been viewed over 117,000 times. Hundreds in the comments were horrified by the "swamp" discovery.

"Sofa, piano, kitchen sink, whatever else fits on [the door] to stop that from opening," one frightened viewer said. "Where is this? I need to read other people's reviews who have stayed here...well then ones who survived anyway," another noted.

Several also offered movie references to explain the mysterious green liquid. "Have you never watched the Evil Dead?" one asked. "That's the slime river from Ghostbusters 2," another joked. "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware," a Harry Potter fan added.

One woman with experience in property management did offer a more logical explanation: "I'm a property surveyor and this means they have cellar drainage issues. The owners need a decent sump/pump [drainage] system!" Another agreed, saying that the green likely came from "tracing figure out a sewer direction and it led to that manhole/drain."

Rob told Newsweek he and his family were not made aware of the surprise green water in the basement prior to booking their stay.

"No, surprisingly it wasn't mentioned. After asking the homeowner, it's filled with a green dye, to determine a water leak with the property next door? Still very freaky to find it. And I think the basement apparently should've been locked," he said.

"To be fair, it was pretty fun to find it, was a little creepy though, especially as there was zero phone signal there."

Rob updated invested viewer in another video posted on Monday, noting "the creepy lake house saga continues."

"So for those who watched part one, the super creepy basement filled with green turns out this is probably staining solution or something," he said. "It's a basement that leaked, so they put some weird green dye in here to figure out where the water was coming from.

"I guess creepy weird basement [is] case closed," he concluded. "Maybe the creepy basement isn't quite as creepy as we think it is. It is not Hugo the swamp monster coming to get us."

However, Rob then claimed to have witnessed some "paranormal" activity in the house, claiming that after spending the first day searching without success for the television remote it appeared on the couch the next morning.

"So unless it was [the baby] or [the dog], who put this here?" he asked.

Rob also showed the sink in the bathroom running seemingly on its own, claiming neither he nor his wife turned the faucet on.

Rob told Newsweek although he wasn't too sure about outright labelling the other odd occurrences as paranormal, he did find the remote's sudden appearance quite shocking.

"Well, I dunno about paranormal, I'm actually a Christian and don't really give much weight to that kinda stuff. But it was all kinda creepy," he said. "Even with the explanation of the green dye, a basement filled with green water is still kinda freaky."


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In a third video, Rob showed off on another bizarre find in the rental home—"a gaping hole in the wall filled with creepy jewels," along with a strange note saying that "Charlotte was here."

"Can you maybe post when you leave...we wanna know if you're alive," one concerned viewer commented. Another person wildly commented that "water/wells are natural conductors of paranormal activity."

Rob told Newsweek he decided to share the odd bits of his otherwise pleasant vacation because "it's not every day you find a flooded bright green basement [and it] seemed worth sharing."

"The turning on taps and weird hole in the wall added to the overall creepy vibes pretty appropriately," he said. "So I'm sure there's logical explanations for it all, but I must admit the randomly appearing remote has left me a bit stumped.

"In the end it was an alright weekend away. The main issue over the weekend wasn't anything to do with anything paranormal it was the lack of phone signal and the poor WiFi," he added.

Last month, one homeowner made a similar discovery, having found a "secret passageway" hidden behind the door of a 148-year-old house she bought. Another couple who bought a home without visiting it beforehand was also startled to find a "secret room" without windows on the property.

Man finds 'swamp' under house
A man made the startling discovery that under his AirBnB rental was a mysterious bright green "swamp." @robertibus/TikTok