Man Dragged for Being Mad His 'Poor' Stepdaughter Bought His Kids Cars

A stepfather who would make fun of how "poor" his stepdaughter was is being dragged for being mad when she bought her half-siblings cars and set up a trust fund for their higher education.

Posting to the infamous Reddit forum r/AmITheA**hole, stylized as "AITA", u/aitashowoff, otherwise known as the original poster or OP, earned nearly 9,000 upvotes and 600 comments for her post, "AITA for "showing off" after my stepfather kept telling everyone I was poor?"

In the post, she says that she's in her early 30s with two children, born when she was aged 21 and 22. She says that was when the trouble between her and her stepfather started, as he felt that there was no way a single parent could be successful, and that she was ruining her life by having two children. The fight led to her going no-contact with her mother and stepfather, along with her two half-siblings.

"My stepfather is in no position to talk as he [and] mum are far from well off due to his gambling addiction that chewed through my mums savings prior to his recovery," u/aitashowoff wrote.

Relations between her and her mother thawed, however, about two years ago, when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, the cancer went into remission, and though they're still not close, their relationship is improving. That's less true of the stepfather, though.

"However, my stepfather keeps going on about how I never made it because I don't have a nice car or a fancy apartment in the city or a husband and insisting that I must be poor because I'm not materialistic," she wrote.

She said that she actually has a six-figure salary due to her government job—she just got used to living simply in her 20s when she was in university as a single mom of two. She adds that she's got a nice house and a 13-year-old car because she doesn't "see the point" in living in the city or getting a fancier car with worse gas mileage.

The stepfather particularly irked u/aitashowoff at a recent dinner. Her mother mentioned that her tires were nearly bald, so u/aitashowoff recommended a cheap place to buy replacements. Her stepfather commented, "good to have a poor person in the family so we know where the deals are." This angered her, and she and her kids left after telling him to "stop assuming things about me."

The day before her post, u/aitashowoff revealed that she'd been setting up a trust fund for her half-siblings to go to college that's in the mid-five figures. In addition, she let them each buy a new car to take them to school, as they're starting university this year.

"I deliberately left the windscreen price stickers on so my stepfather would see how much I spent," she said, admitting that she bought the cars "purely out of spite."

The next day, he called her, ranting that she was "showing off" and that she "should keep my mouth shut and respect my elders." Her mother texted that his rage has also extended to her for even contacting her in the first place after the cancer scare.

stepfather angry stepdaughter cars poor reddit viral
A stepfather is going viral on Reddit in a story posted by his stepdaughter about how mad he was that she bought his children cars. iStock/Getty

There are several ways to identify if a parent or stepparent is toxic. Signs include manipulation, belittling the offspring's feelings, not allowing disagreement and constant criticism and blame, according to the Huffington Post. The outlet recommends limiting contact with the toxic parent, though that can be difficult in a case like u/aitashowoff's, where it's one parent who's behaving poorly, but not the other.

Reddit was solidly on her side.

"[Not the A**Hole] Your stepfather's behavior is ridiculous," u/Paevatar wrote in the highest-rated comment with over 11,300 upvotes. "He's the one causing your mother's stress, not you."

"Her mother was unfortunate to marry such a materialistic a**hole. OP is [Not the A**Hole], she proved her stepfather wrong in a reasonable way, he's just embarrassed," u/Daphne-is-satan agreed.

"See, now that he's been proven wrong, he can't put OP down by calling her poor, so he has to switch gears and say OP is showing off. OP will never win with him," u/Lanky-Temperature412 said.

"She should tell him to his face, next time he brings up showing off, that's it's only showing off if someone is impressed. Let him stew on that one for a while haha," u/psirjohn suggested.

"He's so jealous now he could scream. You did it right and shoved it right back down his throat. You proved that you are not only NOT poor, but have a lot more money than him. You spent it on your siblings and he's now butt-hurt that he didn't get any money or fancy gifts. He made his miserable bed and he can now watch you live your life however you want. [Not the A**Hole]," u/babcock27 said.

"[Not the A**Hole], and I love how you are helping those kids. Your stepdad is ashamed of himself - as he should be - and its causing him to lash out," u/SuzieQbert wrote. "Even if your kindness was partly inspired as an F-U, you've done nothing but demonstrate how wrong he's been about you."

However, u/SuzieQbert also warned, "That being said, he's going to make everyone else miserable over all this. Be cautious he doesn't take those cars and try to sell them. Or try to get control of those trusts."

Newsweek reached out to u/aitashowoff for comment.