Man Climbs Out of Tram Window to Avoid Paying Fine in Viral Video

Spending money on public transport is part and parcel of living in a big city, and if you try to avoid paying your way you should expect a hefty fine.

However, for one man who skipped out on buying ticket, this was not an option.

Instead of waiting to get written up for his violation, he decided to squeeze out the window of the tram once the ticket inspector had arrived.

The footage was originally shared to Facebook by user Taras Khvyl, alongside a caption which read: "This is how violators run away before the police arrive."

In the clip we can see the man, who is wearing blue jeans and a dark jacket, cramming himself, feet first, through the small sliding window.

He then clambers down the side of the tram, before flipping the middle finger at whoever is filming his escape.

The incident took place in Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine, according to a local news outlet.

Reportedly, the passenger was asked to show his ticket, but because he was unable to pay he leapt out.

Police were called to the scene but, as yet, no arrests have been made.

According to News18, one unnamed Facebook user wrote: "Maybe he had no money. And maybe they closed the door, and they didn't let him out. So he found a way out. I support him for his entrepreneurial spirit."

The video has since gained a lot of traction online, and was picked up by the YouTube account "Going Viral," where it has now been viewed over 28,031 times.

Despite the man's somewhat immoral behavior, he may have had an explanation for why he was riding without a ticket.

However, no excuse would be justified for the man in another viral video, who lashed out while travelling on the subway in Shanghai, China.

CCTV footage captured the commuter punching a fellow passenger in the face, after he was reportedly told to turn down the music coming from his cellphone.

According to a report by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the suspect, whose last name is Zhao, was watching a video loudly in the carriage and was asked to stop by a younger man, with the surname Ni.

After Ni insisted, Zhao punched him in the face. A video of the incident has been seen over four million times on Chinese social networks.

Listening to music or playing video on the Shanghai Metro was banned on 1 December 2020, and the guidelines were put in place for the sake of public consideration.

ticket inspector travel train
A stock image of a ticket inspector punching a seat stub. The passenger in the viral video had not paid his fare, so when an inspector came to check he clambered out the window. mirror-images/iStock