Man Facing Eviction Blows Up His Own Home

A Spanish man who was due to be evicted from his apartment blew it up with a gas cylinder early on Thursday morning, then handed himself in to police.

The blast, which took place at around 4 a.m., caused significant damage to a three-story building on Calle Alcón in the center of Ponferrada, a city in northwestern Spain, Spanish media reported.

No injuries were reported but the tenants of neighboring buildings had to be evacuated for safety, according to El Periodico.

The newspaper said the man suspected of causing the explosion had turned himself in at a police station in the city, citing municipal sources.

The local news site Leonoticias reported the man had admitted he wanted to cause damage because of his imminent eviction, but claimed the situation had "got out of hand."

Sources also told iLeon that the 36-year-old man, who lived alone in his apartment, was going to be evicted.

Officials in Ponferrada, one of the largest municipalities in the province of León, confirmed to the news site that the suspect had been detained while the investigation continued.

The roof collapsed in the explosion and the structure of the building, which had a store on the first floor, was badly damaged. Four vehicles parked on the street outside were also hit by rubble.

Ponferrada firefighters and officers from the national and municipal police are evaluating the extent of the damage. Debris removal is being completed and officials are ensuring that the building does not collapse further.

Newsweek has contacted the Spanish national police for comment on the explosion.

A similar incident happened in France in September 2020, although that explosion was accidental.

A man in his eighties was at home in the village of Parcoul-Chenaud in Dordogne, southwestern France, when he noticed an irritating fly buzzing around him. He picked up an electric fly swatter to get rid of the pest so he could eat his dinner in peace but—unknown to him—a gas canister was leaking in his home.

The reaction between the electric swatter and the canister caused an explosion, gutting the kitchen and damaging the roof of the house.

The man was fortunate to have survived the explosion, only sustaining a burn to the hand. The fly may not have been so lucky.

The elderly man stayed at a local campsite while his family helped repair the damage, according to local outlet Sud Ouest.

Stock explosion image
A stock image of an explosion. A man who was due to be evicted from his apartment in Spain intentionally blew it up with a gas cylinder early on Thursday morning. Getty