Video Captures Man Driving With No Hands on Interstate While Playing Trumpet

A teenager captured bizarre video of a man driving down I-15 in Utah with both hands off the wheel while playing a trumpet and looking away from the road.

Local TV station KSL reported Brynlee Egget was riding in the car with her family on November 18 when she noticed a driver in the next lane with a brass instrument in his hands. He was intently practicing the trumpet, holding it with the bell pointed downwards towards the car's pedals as he used one hand to steady it and the other to work the valves.

Egget and her sister took out a cell phone to record the unusual performance and then uploaded the clip to social media. They showed it to a teacher, who forwarded it to KSL.

Egget says that the man would put his hands on the wheel every so often, but for much of the video, he kept both of them on the trumpet.

According to police, though, the man was not violating the state's distracted driving law. For him to be cited under the statute, he would have to commit a moving violation such as speeding to be pulled over.

John Gleason, a spokesman for the Utah Department of Transportation, told the station "I think there's a tendency to kind of laugh about this and laugh it off, but this guy could kill people. It's incredible that somebody would think that that would be acceptable. I really haven't seen a more egregious example of somebody not caring about safety on our roads."

Man's hands playing trumpet
Man's hands playing trumpet Furtseff / Getty Images

The Utah Department of Transportation said that distracted driving has become an increased cause of accidents over the last ten years. Eighteen people were killed in accidents caused by distracted driving in the state last year.

Playing a musical instrument behind the wheel is a rare occurrence, but it also happened in 2017 in a bizarre New Zealand road stop that left officers scratching their heads.

Acting Sergeant Bryce Johnson pulled a man over after observing him driving with both hands off the wheel. Johnson told Stuff "His fingers were going a million miles an hour. And I'm certain I could see a black-type instrument, which looked like a clarinet."

The driver, however, was not playing a real instrument, but as he confessed to police, was rocking out in a fierce session of air bagpipes as he sped down Crawford Street. Police let him off with a warning not to do it again.