Man Finds 7ft Python under Kitchen Table in the Middle of the Night

A man in Australia found a seven foot python lurking under his kitchen table in the middle of the night.

Footage of the snake was captured by Stuart McKenzie, owner of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7. It shows the huge carpet python stretched out across three chairs beneath the table as he arrives to remove it.

The homeowner, who lives in Mountain Creek, Queensland, had been up late working in his office when he stumbled across the intruder on his way to bed, McKenzie said in a Facebook post.

The snake season in Australia last from October to April. During these warmer months, snakes tend to be more active. There has been heavy rainfall and flooding in the area over the past few weeks, which may have driven more snakes into homes in an attempt to find shelter.

Carpet pythons are found across Australia, except Tasmania. They are non-venomous, and kill their prey via constriction. While they can grow up to 13 feet, the maximum size for most carpet pythons is about eight feet.

Carpet python
The snake was about 7 foot long Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

At the beginning of the video, McKenzie says it was around midnight when he received the call. "While most are sleeping snake catchers are still out catching snakes. It can be tough sometimes, 24/7 but its all part of the job," he says.

When McKenzie arrives to the property, he spots the python under the table. "Not a bad size either," McKenzie can be heard saying. "They can bite, especially if you handle them the wrong way."

McKenzie can be seen slowly pulling out one of the chairs the snake is resting on. He then gently taps the snake on the side of its body. The snake hisses and slithers away from the chair, beginning to hunch itself up smaller.

The python begins to slither up the kitchen table as McKenzie gently takes hold of its body.

Suddenly, the homeowner can be heard saying: "Just go to bed darling, now!"

While McKenzie is still at work handling the snake, the homeowners wife can be heard gasping as she walks to the scene unfolding in her kitchen. McKenzie finally secures the snake and reaches for a bag. The python takes a slight lunge towards him, and the wife can be heard gasping. The snake, however, doesn't attempt to bite.

"Oh my god..." the wife says as McKenzie places the snake in the bag. "Why didn't you wake me?"

Later, the snake catcher released the carpet python back into the wild, away from people.

"The best part of this whole thing was that the husband's done so well to keep it a secret, but the wife, she's woken up as I was midwrangling," McKenzie says in the video "Just shows guys, keep your door shut. Or snakes might sneak in."