Man Finds Python Wrapped Around Car Engine

A snake catcher skilfully removed an enormous carpet python that had wrapped itself around the inside of a car engine.

Luke Huntley said he was called out to the parking lot of a popular hiking trail in Mount Cooroora in Queensland, Australia.

A woman told the experienced snake handler she noticed the oil warning light flashing on the dashboard of her car and only discovered the carpet python under the hood when she went to investigate.

"She had the oil warning light come on and was about to top the oil up when she saw this cheeky snake sitting nice and warm under the bonnet," Huntley wrote on Facebook.

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Huntley described the five-foot snake as "pretty decent sized" in a video he uploaded alongside on the Snake Catcher Noosa Facebook page.

The two-minute clip shows the reptile enthusiast battling to gently grab hold of the snake as the python wriggles and twists inside the hood of the car.

"I had to head grab to safely catch this one," Huntley explained. "With so many things for it to wrap around and very hot surfaces for it to get burned on it was the best option. Not to mention it diving into a very difficult spot to reach."

The woman said she had attempted to dislodge the snake from inside her car with limited success. "He didn't like the heat at first. He was getting scared of all the hot parts he was going past," she can be heard telling Huntley.

It's certainly not the first time a snake has been found somewhere it doesn't belong.

Earlier this month, Louisiana woman Gerri Womack Garon was about to settle down in a beach chair in the seaside town of Orange Beach, Alabama when she noticed something slithery sunning itself in the seat.

Garon shared a photo of the snake over a Facebook community group, showing a pale brown snake draping itself over one of the chair's wooden struts.

"Didn't know it was required to check your beach chair for reptiles until today!" she captioned the post. "Great job to the beach attendant who relocated this guy back to the dunes!"

Last week, a venomous red-bellied black snake was found hiding inside a child's toy basket, filled with dolls.

The reptile was found inside a home in Maroochydore, a coastal town in the state of Queensland, eastern Australia.

"When I arrived and saw this situation it actually sent a shiver down my spine," snake catcher Stuart McKenzie wrote on Facebook.

"The two young daughters and their mom were playing in the girls room and went to take a few toys out of the toy basket when they uncovered a large fat red-bellied black snake hiding in there. Wow!"

carpet python
File photo: A carpet python lies coiled in Sydney, Australia. The python uses its coloring to help it blend in with the red sand and rock found in its usual arid desert habitat. Greg WOOD/Getty Images