Man Gets Girlfriend's Name Tattooed, Gets Ghosted in Clip Viewed 1.4M Times

A TikToker has gone viral after sharing her devious—and permanent—plan to get back at a boyfriend who wronged her. First shared early last week, the video, found here, has since been viewed 1.4 million times and received over 166,000 likes.

Many said that it's never a good idea to get inked with a partner's name, no matter how much you love them (or tattoos). In fact, a 2015 survey conducted by The Harris Poll found that, among their 2,225 participants, one of the top tattoo regrets was "[getting] someone's name that I'm no longer with."

Other common explanations behind regretted tattoos included getting tattoos too young, having tattoos that no longer align with one's interests, and getting work that was poorly executed. Overall, they found that 23 percent of tattooed individuals regretted getting one, for one reason or another.

Based on the contents of her video, the boyfriend of TikToker @lanalovelace7 will likely find himself in that 23 percent.

"When your POS ex wants [you] back so [you] tell him to get [your] name tatted on him but plan on ghosting him immediately afterwards," wrote @lanalovelace7, who appears to go by Lana, in the video's on-screen captions.

She then cuts to a man—presumably the oblivious ex-boyfriend—receiving a tattoo on his right forearm.

Lana doesn't show the finalized tattoo, nor does she provide a follow-up regarding their relationship status. Viewers, however, couldn't get enough of Lana's sneaky plan.

"This is our QUEEN [and] we love her," wrote @elizadkent.

"This is so funny," commented @kkkkeeelllllssseeeyyyy. "I better not see one hate comment."

Others described the scheme as "evil" and a "power move."

However, not everyone supported the act of vengeance. "That's just wrong no matter what the circumstance is," wrote @xomarie24.

"You need help if you think this is okay," commented @therealcapitalist.

"I would literally sue you," wrote @notyouraveragetiktok2010.

Regardless, Lana appears far from alone: the comments section revealed many other TikTokers who managed to pull off similar stunts. "I did this. Sort of," wrote @haileymdebo. "I had him get my initials [and] then called the cops...bc he had warrants. I wanted him looking at the tattoo in jail."

Echoed @hurtymcgurty630: "Haha I did that. He initialed his ring finger."

"That's Sagittarius energy," wrote @joffreelynnbinks. "And I know this because I convinced my ex to tattoo my initials on him and then moved states the next day and blocked him."

Newsweek was unable to independently verify the claims made in the video but reached out to @lanalovelace7 for comment.

Tattoo Artist
To get back at an ex-boyfriend a TikToker convinced him to get a tattoo of her name and then planned on ghosting him afterward. Prominent tattoo artist Dan Gold in his studio, 2014. Oli Scarff/Getty Images