Man Gets Server Fired Over Offensive TikTok Mocking His Mother

A post has gone viral on Reddit after a man shared the mistreatment his mother received after a misunderstanding over tipping customs.

In 2018, the BBC reported on how tipping customs differ from country to country and how in some cultures it can actually be deemed offensive to tip. The outlet wrote that many Asian countries are considered "no-tipping" cultures and that in China, specifically, it was once prohibited and considered a bribe.

In the U.S., on the other hand, tips are often expected and serve as an "important compliment to wages."

Redditor, u/aitacoffeeserver, wrote about he and his mother's experience on the subreddit "Am I The A**Hole" in a post that has been voted on over 10,000 times.

He wrote that he lives in a small U.S. town and recently his mother came to visit from out of the country for the first time. He explained that his mother's English is "not good" and that she has spent her whole life living in a Southeast Asian country.

He said one day while he was at work, his mother decided to visit a local cafe that he frequented.

"I get home that night, ask mum how her trip to the cafe was. She says its [sic] nice, told me what she got, and [f**k]—I forget she doesn't know about tipping here [where she lives, there's a large service charge included so you don't really tip in eateries, and def not in small ones]," he wrote. "COMPLETELY my bad, and entirely my fault for forgetting to inform her."

He said he found out his mother's server was someone he knew so he decided to pay her a visit the following day to apologize.

Though he thought the matter was squared away after he apologized and gave her a 70 percent tip, a few days later he was sent an offensive TikTok the server had made about his mother.

In November 2021, a Starbucks employee was slammed after posting a "right-wing" and "racist" video while at work, Newsweek reported.

Though the account has been made private, another TikToker screen recorded the video and made it visible on her account.

In the recorded video, the Starbucks employee, who appears to be standing behind the register, begins reciting her opinions as part of a TikTok trend: "Self defense isn't racist," "I'm not anti vax. I'm anti mandate," and, "Also, bring Trump back." In the background, an audio clip repeats the phrase: "Start a riot."

Redditor u/aitacoffeeserver shared that he learned that Jane, the barista, had a sizable TikTok following where she mostly talks about her day-to-day life. Though the video she took of his mother was a departure from the lighthearted content.

"[J]ane videoed the back and side of her head, made jokes about people coming over from '[f**k] knows' not tipping because its 'man eat dog world out there,' quietly barked on video [she didn't seem to notice it was at her]. LOTS of shares and likes and comments, btw."

He said he decided to "give her the benefit of the doubt" and politely asked her to take it down.

"She said no, it's her right, and it was her 'degrading' experience," he wrote. "Manager comes over, Jane tells the tipping part and that she made a video 'out of desperation' [sic] and she wouldn't take it down. I tell [the] manager that I came back, apologised [sic], tipped her 70 [percent], and explained my mum didn't know. I showed her the Tiktok, and [the] manager's face changes. She doesn't discipline Jane in front of me, but from what I hear, she was let go immediately."

He said since then, Jane's mother has been posting on her own Facebook as well as their local community's Facebook group talking about the incident—hinting at "certain people not respecting servers." Though most people on the social media platform seem to be in agreement with Jane's mother, the Redditor said there is no mention of the TikTok.

Barista, TikTok
A post has gone viral on Reddit after a man shared how a barista treated his mother for a misunderstanding over tipping customs. Here, a stock image shows a coffee machine. Probuxtor/Getty Images

"AITA? Should I have dragged my 70 y/o mum in to apologise [sic] to Jane? What exactly can I do now?" he wrote.

Commenters supported the man and his mother calling out the server's behavior as "racist."

"The TikTok sounds more like an excuse to be racist rather than being pissed off about being 'degraded' over a $2 tip," one commenter said.

"NTA, you went back, apologized, tipped her back and found out about a racist video where she barked at your mom," another commenter wrote. "How is she the one being degraded?? Actions have consequences and now she's experiencing it."

In an edit to the post, the Redditor explained that he and some friends have reported the video to TikTok with hopes of getting it taken down.

Newsweek contacted u/aitacoffeeserver for comment.