'The Man in the High Castle' Season 4 Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of the Series?

Amazon Prime released the final batch of The Man in the High Castle Season 4 episodes on November 15, bringing the series to an end with a closing scene that left many fans confused as dozens of civilians started coming out of Die Nebenwalt, the Nazi portal into other dimensions.

"Does anyone know what the purpose of all the people walking through the portal at the end means? Who were they? Why were they there?" was one Reddit user's take on the events, and they were far from alone. "I totally don't get the ending scene and hate that it seems like it wasn't explained," one wrote, while another asked, "why are people from other world coming to this fucked up world?"

Rather than give us a definitive ending where either the Nazis finally crushed the Resistance and launched their Phase V mass extermination project or the Resistance won after Helen Smith (Chelah Horsdal) finally convinced her husband John (Rufus Sewell) to fight against the party that has broken up their family and murdered one of their children, the ending of Man in the High Castle decided to give us a more ambivalent ending that could spell doom or salvation for our characters.

After all, the Amazon Prime season's main plot began with Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos), who at the end of the series finally achieved her aim of killing John Smith, slowly becoming a member of the Resistance after watching one of the Man in the High Castle's (Stephen Root) film reels of alternative history that showed the Allies winning World War II.

If we follow this thread to the end of the series, then this influx of people from an alternate timeline could be the thing that finally ends the Nazi reign over this timeline. If a grainy reel of another world can persuade someone to fight against the regime, then imagine the power that living, breathing people from other, more prosperous worlds could have if they start to mix among the people of the Greater Nazi Reich.

man in the high castle ending explained
"The Man in the High Castle" Season 4 ends with people from an alternate world making their way through the portal. Amazon Prime

However, the ending does not give fans the standard happy ending they perhaps wanted. These people who come through the tunnel do not seem to be soldiers but rather ordinary people. While some fans may have hoped that the final episode may see the Resistance team up with the Allied soldiers of other universes to finally wipe out the Nazis, instead the makers of the show brought a group of defenseless civilians through the portal, leaving fans to decide for themselves whether they will be able to bring down the GNR or will just be the latest victims of Nazi extermination.

However, the creators do seem to be leaning more towards the former. After all, compared to Smith, who felt trapped into going through with Phase V, with Smith dead power was handed to Bill Whitcroft (Eric Lange), who we saw rip the swastika off of his uniform and call off the attack on the Japanese Pacific States. The show once saw him say during the American surrender to the Nazis that the U.S. needs to bide its time to defeat them, and in the closing moments, it seems like he finally had his chance as he took over power of the party itself.

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