Man Asks Hotel to Hide Apples in Room to Reduce His Stress

A man has shared a video detailing the hilarious way hotel staff responded to his unusual request.

The footage, which has now gone viral with over 9 million views, was shared to TikTok by an Australian man called Tommy, known on the app as Tommymodeactivated, on September 13.

The clip begins with a screenshot of an email Tommy sent to the Novohotel in Melbourne ahead of his stay. In it, he asks staff to help "lower his stress levels" by hiding an apple somewhere in his room.

The email read: "Hi there, I'll be staying two nights with you from Thursday 31/10 to Saturday 02/11 and was wondering if I could ask a favour?

"It may seem a little strange, but can you please hide an apple somewhere in my room for me to find? I travel often, and these small games help take my mind off work and lower my stress levels."

The fun-loving man reveals that the type of apple "doesn't concern" him because he enjoys them all, apart from a "Papple" which he explains is "a pear/apple hybrid."

The video cuts to a typed response from a hotel worker, who promises to do their best to "accommodate his request"—and they certainly didn't disappoint.

The man then explains that upon his arrival the receptionist asked "so you're the apple boy?" She then laughed and revealed that there were five apples concealed in his room.

When he gets to his room Tommy opens a handwritten card, which reads: "Dear Thomas, home is where apples are hidden and water is in plain sight. Let me know how many apples you find. Franzi."

He then sets about searching for the apples and finds the first four hidden in the safe, under the bedcovers, in the fridge and in a drawer.

He couldn't find the fifth apple, admitting he's spent "far too long" looking for it. However, the next morning he finally locates it inside a kettle.

Tommy captioned the video, which can be watched here, of his hilarious game, writing: "The infamous apple incident of 2019."

Since the video was posted to TikTok it has attracted more than 1.8 million likes.

Nearly 7,000 people have left comments on the video, sharing their delight at the man's clever game.

One TikTok user, Angel, wrote: "Omg I know the lady who hid the apples, she's a family friend! Her name is Franzi hahaha, so disappointed she never told me this story!!"

Another person, H, added: "This is the most Australian thing ever."

Geese typed: "Imagine they hid the apples in the wrong room and some random person is losing their mind because they keep finding apples."

Jay McGregor opined: "That's actually a perfect way to make sure your room is cleaned properly as they won't just do a 'surface clean' if you'll be looking everywhere."

Britt stated: "Imagine if they didn't put any in the room."

Amelia admitted: "I'm kind of stressed that you looked for them all immediately! I would have settled and then done it when I got a bit lonely and bored."

Cadeyrn shared: "This is where the cleaners gotta be extra though because he is looking closely."

Melissa gushed: "What's amazing is I just know the person had fun hiding them haha."

Man entering hotel room
A stock image of a man entering a hotel room. On TikTok, one peculiar man's request to hotel staff has gone viral. Getty Images