Man Jailed for 'Repeatedly' Biting Baby While High on Cocaine: 'I Wish I Was in Control of My Actions When Under Drugs'

A man has been jailed after he admitted to repeatedly biting a baby girl while high on cocaine. Michael Dabbs, 29, was sentenced to 16 months in prison at Liverpool Crown Court in the U.K. on Tuesday, Merseyside Police said.

Police said Dabbs was arrested after human bite marks were discovered on a 14-week-old baby in April this year. The Liverpool Echo reported Dabbs bit the baby's left shoulder, abdomen and knee after taking cocaine and drinking alcohol.

According to the newspaper, police initially suspected the baby's mother was to blame until Dabbs emailed police four months later to confess to assaulting the infant while high on cocaine. The infant was separated from her mother after social services were alerted.

In his email to police, Dabbs claimed he had been taking cocaine as a form of pain relief after injuring himself while working at a shipyard. Dabbs said he had "blacked out" and didn't immediately recall his actions, the Echo reported. But he said the infant had been "smiling and laughing" one moment and then "crying loudly."

He wrote: "I regretted everything I have done from the moment I done them. I don't remember doing them. I wish I was in control of why actions when under drugs."

He added: "I don't think I was man enough to face the consequences but now I think I'm ready."

Prosecutors said Dabbs had a steel rod inserted into his broken leg after his accident, the Echo reported. He is now taking prescribed medication.

Dabbs' defense attorney John Ballam said his client was "absolutely disgusted by his behavior" and has expressed remorse, according to the Echo. He said Dabbs had "foolishly" mixed drugs with alcohol in a bid to alleviate his pain and "believes that must have been the explanation" for his actions on the day of the assault.

Dabbs, of Bromborough in Merseyside, U.K., pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm. Judge Rachel Smith sentenced him to 16 months in prison for what she called "gratuitous violence" against the baby, the Echo reported.

After his sentencing, police confirmed appropriate safeguarding measures are in place for the infant. Merseyside Police's Detective Constable Laura Everleigh said: "This was an appalling incident in which Dabbs, under the effects of cocaine, admitted to repeatedly biting a young baby, who was thankfully not more seriously injured.

"The use of cocaine or other controlled drugs when with young children is completely horrifying, and thankfully Dabbs will have a period in custody to reflect upon his actions."

Everleigh added that police work alongside social services, local authorities and the National Health Service to "identify and protect any young or vulnerable people who may be at risk of violence from those who should be protecting [them]."

"If you have any concerns or suspicions and want to speak to us, there are a few different ways but however you pass information on, ensure you do so and we can take positive action," she said.

Michael Dabbs
Michael Dabbs was jailed for 16 months after repeatedly biting a baby while high on cocaine, authorities said. Merseyside Police