Man Jumps Into Car Feet-First to Stop Dangerous Driver in Dramatic Video

A man jumped through a car window feet-first to stop a dangerous driver who had driven into a pedestrianized square in Albania. The incident occurred on Sunday when a general election was taking place in the country.

The 32-year-old, who is suspected by Albanian police to have been driving under the influence of drugs, drove into Skanderbeg Square in the capital city of Tirana. At the time, many people had been lining up to be vaccinated in tents in the square.

As seen in a video of the incident, the car drove erratically with the front end of the car hanging off. A group of people tried to stop the driver by reaching into the car's open door, but the suspect continued to drive wildly.

Dropkick guy in Albania said "not today, bestie". 🥰

— Eurisa Rukovci (@eurisaru) April 25, 2021

The driver was only stopped when a passerby jumped through the car window feet-first. He appeared to hold onto the roof of the car and kick the driver repeatedly until the car was then surrounded and the driver was stopped.

Tirana Times reported that nobody was injured in the incident, while Reuters reported that the man had previously crashed three other cars in other parts of the city. According to ABC Albania, the suspect stands accused of attempted murder in qualifying circumstances, production and sale of narcotics, and driving illegally.

The passerby who jumped through the window has since been identified as 22-year-old Klodian Elqeni, who reportedly said that he thought the driver was aiming for the crowd in a possible terrorist attack.

Klodian Elqeni told ABC News Albania: "I was pushed by the lives of innocent people, no one deserves to die in Skanderbeg Square for no reason.

"I fell with both feet on his face and he lay down then they caught him."

The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, thanked Elqeni on Facebook, saying: "Thank you and deepest gratitude to Klodian's heroic act, which saved the lives of dozens of citizens today and prevented a very serious event in Skanderbeg Square.

"Today on the Day of Sovereign, Democracy and Citizenship, his act is an inspiring example for all!"

Meanwhile, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama invited Elqeni to a meeting and shared a photo of them both on Facebook and called him a hero.

A video of the incident was shared on Twitter by Eurisa Rukovci who said "Dropkick guy in Albania said 'not today, bestie.'"

The video amassed more than 130,000 views and was shared by journalist Aleksandar Brezar, who said: "On election day in Albania, a man tries to cause an incident by pummeling his car through Tirana's [Skanderbeg Square].

"A bystander saves the day with an outstanding flying kick and grabs the man through the open door of a moving car. Bravo Klodian Elqeni!"

Skanderbeg Square Tirana Albania
This aerial photograph taken on April 24, 2021, shows pedestrians walking on Tirana's Skanderbeg Square. On April 25, 2021, a man drove onto the square but was stopped by a passerby who jumped through the car window feet-first. Gent Shkullaku/AFP/Getty