Man Killed by Massive Truck After Crossing Texas Highway While Fleeing Police

A man running away from police was killed by a large truck as he crossed a busy highway. The man, who has not been named, was struck in Texas as he tried to walk across Interstate 30 on Monday afternoon.

According to an official from the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, a deputy had attempted to pull over the man on his motorbike on Interstate 30 near downtown at about 1.30 p.m.

Instead of stopping, the biker kept driving eastbound until he crashed near Buckner Boulevard, reported 5 NBCDFW. Officials said the man then ran off, across the road where he was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer.

The news channel said all eastbound lanes of I-30 had been closed and traffic backed up for several miles following the crash.

Police have not yet released any details of the dead man or given any reason why he might have wanted to run away from the police.

His death comes two weeks after a driver died while fleeing police in Tennessee.

In that case, Dangelo Dorsey had been leading police on a 100-mile-per-hour car chase along Interstate 24 when he crashed.

The incident was the end of his day-long shooting rampage which included kidnap and murder.

Jordan Stevens and his four-month pregnant wife, Aileen, were travelling along I-24 in their Ford Mustang when they were carjacked by 29-year-old Dorsey who ran up to them brandishing a gun and took them hostage.

Unknown to the couple at the time, Dorsey had already shot and killed one person and opened fire on other drivers when he targeted them on September 13.

According to local media, police said Dorsey ordered them to drive to their home in Morrison, Tennessee where they switched vehicles and Stevens was shot in front of his terrified wife and his body dumped having rejoined the I-24 in Coffee County.

Dorsey then took Aileen Stevens on a high speed car ride leading to a police chase.

Dorsey ended up crashing the car which rolled over multiple times near marker 156 in Grundy County, reported Fox17.

Local media reported that Dorsey shot and killed himself at the scene while the pregnant woman was rescued and taken to hospital where the baby was found to be unhurt and she is expected to make a full recovery.

According to local reports, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) said Dorsey began his rampage earlier in the day when he struck at around 9.30 a.m. on the I-24 in Coffee County, shooting and killing 28-year-old Darcey Johnson as he sat in his car, injuring another passenger.

In an attempt to flee the shooting, TBI said Dorsey tried to carjack another woman driver but when he could not get into her vehicle, he began shooting. Bullets hit a woman in the hand and a truck driver in the face. It is understood neither was seriously injured.

Dorsey then went on to carjack Jordan and Aileen Stevens, who were travelling along the road on their way to church.

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File photo: Yellow law enforcement line with police car and lights in the background. A man was killed crossing a highway while fleeing from police in Texas. iStock