Man Marries Woman Four Times, Divorces Her Three In 37 Days for Paid Time Off

A groom determined to maximize his paid leave from work decided to wed his bride four times and divorced three times over the course of 37 days.

According to Times Now News, the Taiwanese man worked at a bank that legally provided an eight-day paid leave for wedding plans. After his first marriage in April 2020, he and his wife filed for a divorce at the end of the initial eight days. The next day, they wed once again, and the groom requested another paid leave from work.

He and his bride repeated the process until they had married four times and divorced three times. He in total applied for a total of 32 paid days off from work.

Once his employer realized what he was doing, the bank refused to approve any time off other than the initial eight days from the first marriage.

The groom was not deterred, and after the fourth wedding filed a formal complaint against the bank, claiming they were legally obligated to honor his paid leave requests.

According to Article 2 of the Labor Leave Rules in Taiwan, "an employee is entitled to eight days of paid leave for their own wedding." The man felt that, given his four marriages, he was entitled to 32 paid days off.

The Taipei City Labor Bureau launched an investigation upon receiving the complaint and sided with the groom in October 2020. The bank appealed, claiming that the man's "malicious abuse of marriage leave was not a legitimate cause of leave under the Labor Leave Rule," New Talk Taiwan reported.

On April 10, the appeal was rejected and the initial ruling was upheld by the Beishi Labor Bureau. While both organizations noted what the employee was doing was highly suspect, he had only found a bizarre loophole in the nation's labor laws.

However, the bank was found in violation of the Labor Leave Rule that entitled the groom to apply for the time off. They were fined $20,000 NTD—about $700 USD—for the wrongdoing, according to Time Now News.

This isn't the only bizarre wedding news as of late. Last month, the mother of the groom at a Chinese wedding discovered his bride was her long-lost daughter.

Wedding divorce
A couple wed and divorced several times for over a month in an effort to maximize the husband's paid leave from work. JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images